Vasarius: The beginning

Im actually really liking this whole traits thing cause it lets me change numbers

Also someone mentioned having leaders play a larger role, or at least notable people, so I’m going to start incorporating that if y’all can give me some leader titles and names

Second thing, unlike last game, this game allows me to have a standard turn equals half a year thing, which means there is going to be some very unrealistic progress happening but bear with it

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did you do the round? if you did then i don’t think i got pmed…

I’m writing it now, most likely done Saturday

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how’s the next round going @Skyguy98 ? :slightly_smiling_face:

Laptop broke lol, received my replacement yesterday and have been writing all today. Should be up tomorrow


Round 2
Memorandum For Record: Semiannual update for SOP 41156 “Vasarius”

Per Chapter 83 of Imperial Doctrine Document 2107 (Protocol for Sentient Observation Posts), this paper is the semiannual update for sentient life on the plant designated “Vasarius.” Enclosed on pages 2-18 of this report are the specific identifiable cultures and their current circumstances. Included is one additional culture overlooked by the original survey team as a counterpoint to two distinct but comparable cultural developments.

(Audio recorded: “I just think the death cult idea is cool, I mean, look at them.” [ID= SSG Justin Garcia, ANTH] “Justin, I swear to the Gods that if that gets leaked into the report, I’m going to throw you down there with them.” [ID=SFC Marissa Precaola, ANTH] “Both of you shut up. I need to get this done before the CO decides to have me clean the filters over another late report.” [ID= 2LT Nico Nova, ANTH]).

A notable feature of this plant is that while it contains three major continents, most Sentient activity is centered on two continents, and a smattering of islands around the equator, the third central continent has no significant development.

Several of the chosen cultures appear to possess rudimentary agriculture and architecture, some form of proto cities. In contrast, others are more nomadic with little change from ancestral tracings consistent with reports from designation “Melico” and designation “Narnia” but at odds with report designation “Galicia,” whose cultures all developed along the same lines at the exact times.

Island cultures are startlingly more developed than mainland cultures, living in identifiable villages, intricate social beliefs, and possessing either complex land or nautical food sources.

The mainland cultures are nomadic, often breaking up into smaller groups that collect from specific areas, then return to a designated spot on a quarterly or semiannual basis to trade goods, services, and occasionally responsibilities.

Savanna and grassland cultures utilize different techniques to hunt their prey, either complex socially intricate plans or more straightforward persistence hunting being the two most noted by field teams.

Our choice for proto warfare analysis continues to develop, one preferring to create complex and potentially detrimental equipment. At the same time, the other seems to be relying on the safety in numbers approach. Nevertheless, our military analyst teams continue to be enthusiastic in their reports.

(Audio Detected “Don’t blame me for actually liking my job” [ID= 2LT Henry Volkist, MTD] “Don blane me for liking my jobb” [ID= 2LT Nico Nova, ANTH] “I don’t sound like that” [ID= 2LT Henry Volkist, MTD], Analysis: 93% Match)

Report Compiled by 2LT Nico Nova, ANTH, at the behest of LTC Andrea Mesa, SOP Command Officer, SCI. (Computer, be sure to scrub outside audio before submission next time, on another note, please inform Captain Carter that I would very much like a word with Lieutenants Nova and Volkist before their next shift)

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oops forgot @zenzonegaming

I love this update formula, it’s so inventive and does great worldbuilding.

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There is much wisdom to be acquired from the old, as the young should know. Passing of knowledge is typically done through nuclear families, but perhaps ideas and knowledge would spread more easily in general groups, taught by the wise elders.

Action: Schools

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Action:Away down south in the land of promise

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Away to the south right?

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The highly mobile Orcrux have a rather secure life here on the island, and have enough surplus to specialize to the niche of fisherpeople.
Action: develop fishing nets, lines, and other applications of finely wolven chord for use on the canoes and any catamarans used for deep sea fishing.

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The people aren’t exactly happy by being exposed so much to the natural elements, maybe something can be built to prevent that.

Action: build simple huts (if I already have simple huts then build better huts)

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How do you guys feel about me incorporating some semifantasy elements into the game


No explicit magic,but realistically evolved dragons/demons or sea monsters sure, and any magic that you (or I if I can unlazy at some point) can scientifically justify is good with me.


I’m assuming that semifantasy means things like dragons and elves, but not magic. Those are my favorite parts of fantasy, so I like the idea.

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I am going to pm my vote again

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As for fantasy I’m good with anything you can explain with science (I don’t care if it doesn’t make sense in our world, like how dragons would have six limbs, and you can just add the word quantum if you give up, and them I’ll justify it for you) and won’t ruin play balence.

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Alrighty. I can see the general consensus of the group. Mythical weirdness ok, game breaking weirdness not. I’ll see how people do with some small stuff and see how it can build from there. As a note, until the people discover it on their own its not something that you can straight up vote for


If you haven’t voted yet I encourage you to do so