Which planet do you think is the best for colonization in the solar system

(Radical Revolutionary) #225

Well there is a video which have an idea

(The Collector Of Useless Information) #226

ok i say there is a magic spaghetti monster how can u prove me wrong if he is outside our universe?

(Merlok keeper of the liberty top-hat) #227

How can you we have no idea we may be the playthings of a higher species

(The Collector Of Useless Information) #228

all hail the great spaghetti monster

(Merlok keeper of the liberty top-hat) #229

Im a christian

(Radical Revolutionary) #230

Well im a buddhist

(The Collector Of Useless Information) #231

im a theist (pun)

(Radical Revolutionary) #232

or we are just in a video game

(Merlok keeper of the liberty top-hat) #233

Maybe this universe is just the imagination of a child anyhting is possible

(The Collector Of Useless Information) #234

if its possible then the % is very high for us to be in the Matrix

(The Collector Of Useless Information) #235

yeah then the child is messed up putting someone on a cross or he is very imaginative where we turn into animals when we die?

(Merlok keeper of the liberty top-hat) #236

Im just saying our universe could maybe be a book but we arent part of the story

(The Collector Of Useless Information) #237

I’m utterly confused.

(Merlok keeper of the liberty top-hat) #238

Our universe could be anything and everything we just dont know what

(The Collector Of Useless Information) #239

ok but what is more rational to say we are inside a [what u can think of] or inside of a universe that is unstable (heat death of the universe) or one that is repeating itself doing a big bang and combining into one repeat…(this gives u kinda a second life but still no god)

(Merlok keeper of the liberty top-hat) #240

Maybe the universe did repeat itself i may have had past life with a different religion and i lived in greece we dont know and thats the beauty of mystery

(The Collector Of Useless Information) #241

last post i do cuz this is offtopic if its a parallel universe u didn’t have anything different and if it isn’t parallel u never existed

(Δф - Delta Phi) #242

So, are we saying we should colonize the Virtual World?

(Merlok keeper of the liberty top-hat) #243

No none of us said that

(Volt) #244

Mars, I am not nearly the Space nerd I used to be, but having a surface that won’t scorch you when you are trying to build a radiation resistant shelter, and not have it be raining iron, or being blasted with crushing pressure sounds preferable.

That is not even the specific stuff.

(and as an added perk, access to Mars’ two moons, and the outer solar system and asteroid belt would be much easier, and beneficial.)