Which planet do you think is the best for colonization in the solar system

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but um… Venus and Enceladus

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Any arguments? Also, Enceladus has a surface gravity of 0,113 m*s^-2, so 90 times as low as on earth. Wasn’t the gravity a pretty big argument pro-Venus?

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people can live on the ISS, and who says they have to go home?

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Yeah but I meant that β€œVenus has a very earth-like” gravity was one of the biggest pro-Venus arguments, so why just totally ignore it now?

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Congratulations everyone, the conversation has gone full circle.

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The big problem I see is that people from Earth can keep up their body with exercise but someone born on mars would not have a strong body to keep. Even if it isn’t one generation before the bone structure changes it will happen eventually and the martian people can’t come to Earth because low to heavy gravity is way worse than heavy to low gravity. The technology to colonize Venus with floating cities is also a far future but is still better than having colonists not be able to return to the homeworld.

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β€œCan’t” is an overstatement. Martians can go to earth, they’ll just have to find ways of getting around without walking (motorised wheelchairs, scooters). If we had the technology to keep people healthy on mars, we would surely have the technology to keep people healthy on earth.

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Keeping a Earthling healthy on Mars is different from keeping a Martian Healthy on Earth. Wheelchairs doesn’t equal healthy, especially since Earthlings can move semi-normally on Mars by doing exercise to return somewhat normally.

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I still dont understand why a martian would be returning to earth. Thats why they colonise, to stay where they are.

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You know, pilgrimages, see their ancestral home.

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I can see mars on google and not wanna go there. Besides, the technology would exist to rehabilitate Martians.
One could say that going to and from venus would be harder. Do you know how difficult an atmospheric rendezvous is? You would have to do those all the time to take people to the sky colony. Getting out of there would also be much harder than mar’s low gravity.

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Not entirely what I meant. They aren’t to stay on Earth, just because you went on vacation to visit the Grand Canyon doesn’t mean you’re living in Arizona. Right now I see Mars more like a tourist sight more than a colonization option. Gravity plays and extremely high part in colonization. Like all things, technology will find a way to make life easier, and presumably atmospheric rendezvous would get easier (maneuverable thrusters probably).

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Im sorry, but sky colonies just wouldnt work. Venus is one, giant storm cloud, and what would we gain out of it? Besides, aerial locations are harder to expand upon, whereas a ground colony is literally just plopping a room on the surface. Venus has many more barriers, which means more things could go wrong, more people could die, and more money could be wasted.

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Honestly I don’t care about Venus, I only support it because it’s the only other planet offered up. I won’t let Mars win though simply because it wouldn’t be fair to the Martians.

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i agree, this thread is not for making the people able to go bak to earth afterward.

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It’s about colonization and you can’t be near-sighted. Think to the future, generations later and this is the culture and society.

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Well then the martians should have thought about that before living on mars.

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I’m gonna say I won this argument because saying β€œthey should have thought about that before” is the losers way of justifying something. Yay!

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This thread has came to a :belgium:Ing conclusion mars is the only planet suitable for humans any other planet is trash, mods close this thread please

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Venus… plz