Which planet do you think is the best for colonization in the solar system

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Not to mention that in the future we would have far more advanced tech,

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What about the moon?
It close and we already been there
Unless you’re talking about only Planets?

(OrganismOverlord) #309

I still stand that Mars is a suitable planet for colonization, not based on the movies, but the fact that it’s so similar to Earth in many ways.

(Steve) #311

I feel like no one’s opinions are swaying on this.

Also Venus has more of the important stuff in common with Earth than Mars.

(OrganismOverlord) #312

Yes, like boiling pits of lava, acid rain, volcanoes, 800 degree weather, everything essential to Human survival.

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And how is mars like earth does earth have no atmosphere and has toxic dirt no

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Venus, having such high temperatures, has NO options for landing unless we were to cool down Venus somehow. Also, we can possibly add an atmosphere to mars and take Earth soil with us, which might be easier to fix than what is wrong with Venus in its state.

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And question why do you need to land on the surface

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Reason 1: Its cheaper

Reason 2: Its (possibly) safer

Reason 3: More practical

(Untrustedlife) #317

I saw a great talk on why titan could support life. Water isnt the only good solvent :slight_smile:

Im not sure its good for colonization, though i have seen some stuff on that aswell.

Isaac Arthur is awesome.

Titan, specifically is good for industrial processes, lots of raw materials. Lots of cold. Good for computers, computers actually do, in reality get more efficient the colder they are so titan, is the perfect place to build a super computer.
Things are more electrically conductive when cold, there is a linear correlation between cold and processing power.
Perfect for our matrix simulation, if we wanted to. For example.

He also has one on Venus, and a bunch of other places.

With venus specifically there is a height at which the pressure and temperature is entirely earth like. So a floating colony isnt really that far fetched, especially since its easier because Venuses atmosphere is much much thicker then earths, its much easier for something to float there. You have to worry about the atmosphere of course. Also, it has lots of graphine, great for light and strong building materials. Also floating habitats are easier to construct and easier to maintain then domes (Yes, i know that is surprising but theoretically it is truth) . Those are proper arguments for colonizing venus. The idea that mars is the only and best candidate for colonization is insanely simplistic. We would be better off constructing habitats in asteroids. And its cheaper that way too. And so are floating habitats. (Though! Mars is easier to terraform, venus would require alot more tech/movement of raw materials capability to terraform)

And why would we want to colonize it? Well, Scientific study (Possibility of bacteria in the atmosphere!, because as i said it is earthlike at a specific height) , lots of graphene, lots and lots of nitrogen, and (seriously) hangliding with thin acid resistent suits, the clouds are sulfuric acid obviously, but its not like the acid you would have in a lab its far less concentrated then that, a thin acid proof suit, would be (mostly) sufficient. There is lots of energy available etc. Its good for tourism and for resources.

So the real question is, why wouldn’t we? Because the media keeps pushing mars on you, tahts why. As is clear in this thread.Seriously guys, its more complex then just β€œwe build domes on mars and we are good” and there are so many alternatives, keep an open mind.

@QuantumCrab I am dissapointed in you. Nice new avatar though, its an A+.

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I just want to make one thing clear, because it’s been mentioned so often now. You can’t just apply an earth-like β€˜thick’ atmosphere to mars, it would fly off because of gravity.

(Untrustedlife) #319

*and the lack of a magnetic field (on mars)

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You have obviously put in a lot of thought when writing this post, and I am impressed. However, I haven’t chosen mars simply because the media is pushing it on us. You think I haven’t considered the other choices? You think I haven’t thought about this? Well I have. I have properly balanced all pros and cons and I have kept an open mind. I may not have the research to back it up, but I am thinking practically. A sky colony may be easier to establish, but to maintain it? That would take energy, time, and money that would be better spent else where. If you look in the title, there is a hidden word. β€˜Best’. Mars is the β€˜best’ planet for colonisation right now, due to its earth-like environment and it’s earth-like possible colonies. Not to mention that NASA wouldn’t be interested in mars if it was pressure from the media alone. Experts, specialists, leading scientists have looked at extensive archives of knowledge and have made their own discoveries, and have decided on humanity’s next target. Now, if the thread had said β€˜What are some possible places to colonise’, then yes, Venus would be very possible. But weighing up the odds, it is safer, more convenient, less energy expensive, less expensive in general, and all in all a better destination than any other place in the solar system. To simply state that I am β€˜Close minded’ and that I cannot think for myself is rather hurtful. I too, am disappointed that when I challenge someone’s beliefs (this doesn’t just go for this thread, but a lot of others too) I am immediately accused of attacking or shunning them. I am just sharing my knowledge, trying to come up with an accurate conclusion rather than trying to protect everyone’s feelings. This is the internet. It was designed for everyone’s input, so don’t be surprised when someone doesn’t hold the same views as you. For those of you that remained mature and didn’t attack others just for disagreeing, thanks.

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I didnt think i was attacking you?
I didnt accuse you of attacking others either. Also one of the big advantages of floating habitats as i stated is that they are in fact EASIER to maintain and cheaper to construct. All i said was β€œKeep an open mind” i didnt say you were β€œclose minded” i even complimented your avatar.

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You seemed to direct the whole thing at me, especially with the lack of names apart from mine.

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But i still never accused you of anything or said you were close minded, i just simply stated that everyone needs to keep an open mind.

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So why were you disappointed in me?

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Just because i expected a more focused argument for why mars is superior which i didn’t see. Also, just to tease you.
I like muiltiple paragraphs :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well anyway, my post was responding to everything that happened in the entire thread.

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Ahh, well im sorry if i came off as a bit blunt/mean that wasn’t my intention. Isaac arrthur also has one on mars.