Why isn't there an Ascension Stage category?

Ascension is a seperate stage from Space Stage, right?
If so, why isnt there a #future-game:ascension thread type? Why do we hsve to put it into #future-game:space-stage instead?

This has been something I’ve wondered about, too! It might be because the Ascension Stage is a sandbox that covers all other areas of Thrive, and won’t have many things of it’s own. I still think it would be really nice if we had a dedicated Ascension Stage category where we could discuss the various tools/abilites avaliable in the stage, though!

I changed the title of this topic a little to be more accurate, so I hope that’s ok with you! If you want too change it back, then that’s perfectly fine.

Nah i’m good.
Do you think we should create that category?
We, as in, the forums as a whole, not just you and me.

It’s the farthest away stage, and it’s basically “all earlier stages but fully unlocked for editing anything”. For those two reasons there’s not been a huge point in that. Which is reinforced by the fact that there is not many threads trying to talk about ascension. Even #future-game:space-stage gets quite little discussion so it has not been necessary.

Most future game suggestions are also really “small” (not in the sense of how hard they are to do, but how much they can be easily discussed), so most ascension stage feature wishlists belong here anyway:

Oh. Right. I know about that. :confused:
Edit: i just realized i NEVER did an introduction post! :person_facepalming:
Edit’s Edit: here i am six months later, still no introductions post… I guess it shouldn’t happen huh?