Worldbuilding the Civ from The conlang thread

This place needs a world to exist in. Let’s make it.
Proposal: Early interstellar civilization with very slow ftl in a very scary universe where ftl tries to kill you and there are beings of immense power but they try to make a utopia anyways. Totally give me yours it’ll prolly be better, If the Obsidian thing takes off the two threads will share an obsidian thing

well, why not have this set in the thrive universe? that thing hasnt had any activity in quite a while.

I do like the idea of an early interstellar civilization. Maybe they have just a few worlds?

Thread link: Thrive Universe Reboot Reboot

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hmmm interesting. TU sounds cool.

Fun, time to stay up at night reading all the details on the wiki

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thaere is also alot on the thread on this forum. The TU lost its moderators, so there is plenty there that never made it into the wiki