You control the forum

Hello, the rules are simple, chose an option in the current poll, play it out a bit, and if you want something to change, make another poll!!!

  • Civilization Game Forum
  • Science Discussion Forum
  • Evolution Game Forum
  • Future Game Discussion forum
  • Art Forum
  • Current Game Discussion Forum

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What ever is most voted on will be what we do until the next poll is added.

this has given me an idea for my own forum

also will the game eventually have other options?
like maybe a dnd style forum game or a video game discussion forum?

Yes, there will be more options

And The Winner Is:


For this game it will be the same rules as Pandora horizon but without the death counter, speaking of witch,

  • A.Death counter for civ game
  • B.No death counter for civ game
  • C.Death counter but your able to push it back
  • D.Deah counter but it starts later
  • C. and D.

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Vote on what you want to happen!

And while your waiting on everyone else, make and submit your species/tribe sheet!

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I also need to know when everyone would like to be able to join and their status on magic

  • A. Anyone can join at any time.
  • B. Anyone can join at any time, as long as they have a reason for not showing up earlier
  • C. You can only splinter off of pre-existing factions
  • D. You can only join during events
  • E. No one can join after the first x number of players
  • C. and D.

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  • Magic is fine and needs no restrictons
  • Magic in abundence but with rules and restrictions
  • A mediocre amount of magic with rules and restrictions
  • Very little magic with rules and restrictons
  • No magic

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Vote on these to while your making your creature sheets!

Votes will close Monday.

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Now that the matter of the death counter has been decided, how will you push it back?

  • Sacrifice
  • Knowledge Sacrifice
  • BreakDancing
  • Moonwalking
  • Scientific Progress
  • Magic Enpowerment

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This vote also closes



what are the rules with how i make my civ?

Agree with zenzone, how do we make a species/tribe sheet?

Is it the same rules as PH, 15 points same attributes highest in one 8 lowest in one -4?

And do the races have to be hominid?

everyone vote for moonwalking
we’re in the lead but only by a single percent, we need more votes!

No be serious scientific progress is better option

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The tribe/species sheets are the same rules as in Pandora horizon. I’ll copy his rules so you can see.

is it okay if we introduce some headcanony lore that might tie this game with others?

We will be using the same ruleset as him

There is no lore yet, I was thinking of keeping a file with the approved lore you make for your species. The lore was kind of an after thought for me.

I will also literally take a D20 in real life and roll it to decide your roll.

also i think that unlike the pandora horizon game that each race should have npc tribes as well as the player tribe.

in pandora horizon each race has npc tribes

pretty sure they didn’t
aside from me because i specified

Yes, there are. You are not a source to be trusted for pandora horizon info since you already have proven yourself to say things that are completely wrong about it