I discovered this game a few days ago after looking for a modern SPORE game. I’ve already played it a few hours and it looks promising. :slight_smile:

I’m 21 yo. I’m a Master’s student in bioinformatics and modelling from Belgium. I’ve finished my Bachelor in biology last year. I’m now studying bioinformatics meaning I’m learning things like programming, molecular modelling, metabolic modelling, machine learning and omics processing (omics = DNA, proteins and that kind of stuff). I’m also learning psychology in my free time.

I hope you’re ok in this difficult period.



Welcome to the forums @Zarki I hope you stay a while!

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welcome @zarki! enjoy your stay in the forums!

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Welcome to the Thrirv Forums @Zarki!

I wish the same to you

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Welcome new thrivist! Hope you have a good time in the thrive order for a long time.

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Hello fellow newcomer of the Thrivist Order @Zarki! Very glad to see new users here so frequently!
Here are the Community Guidelines for new members and here the topic for you to say how is your history about playing spore and how did you meet thrive

Oh and dont forget to think about joining the dev team as you have dev skills! Maybe like a Theorist or Programmer? Idk only the Eye will chose your fate (inside joke)

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would you be interested in hearing about a little project i am working on?

oofer is considering joining
dont tell newcomers about our project like that

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Thank you everybody. It’s such a nice community. ^^

Yes, I’m considering applying for the dev team but I’m still waiting a few days before acting. I’m still in the middle of my exams and I’d rather wait a bit to have more time and see if it’s just a push or if I’m interested in the long term. Also, I’m closer to a data scientist than a real game developer. ^^

I have a question. What’s the title you all have alongside your name ? It looks like it’s referring to one of the 7 stages of the game. Is this related to the trust system or some kind of investment in the community ? You can give me a link if you prefer.

are you interested in hearing of a project i am working on?

its related to the number of posts we posted
like i posted 1000 posts so i got the spacefaring rank

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Honestly, people always have projects and I can’t help everybody. Sorry.

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Ok, ty, that makes sense. :slight_smile:

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that is kinda a fluffpost
we don’t like them here
they help farm posts and stuff

try not using them and instead heart or give a reaction
though since ur new it’ll be ok for now

gj! you’re learning fast!

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Welcome to the forums, Zarki. Hope you enjoy it!
I don’t have anything more to say, so… good stay

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‘DNA’ is English for ‘ADN’, which is in French (yes, I speak French too).
Apart from that, welkome to the Komoonity Fowums, partner!
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Welcome to the community, @Zarki

We’re pretty chill here, so don’t stress too much about community guidelines (within reason).
Also, don’t feel pressured to join the dev team; even casual discussion of Thrive stuff helps keep the community alive. Programmers are in short supply right now, so you are still very welcome to become a coder.

Anyway, I hope you’ll stay a while and enjoy what these forums have to offer!


I just spent a good 5 minutes trying to figure out what kind of swear word you used before realising you were actually from Belgium. I think I’ve been on this forum for too long lol


Haha, thank you, I’ve just fixed it. I wrote it out of habit. ^^’

Haha, maybe my sentence wasn’t my best one. I’m from Belgium and I’m a student. xD

And I like your profile picture. Ants are kind of a passion for me. ^^


Honestly, I don’t feel like a coder. I’m rather a scripter and I don’t know C# so it would be a bit difficult for me to keep up. I could be a theorist as I have a quite strong knowledge of biology and modelling. However, However, I have to take a step back before applying because I don’t like decisions made on a whim. For now, I’m reading interesting things in the community forum, dev forum, discord and github. The more I read, the more fascinated I am. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s because on the older forums, swear words were censored by the Belgium flag, which is a reference to A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.
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