Analysis of the Thrive conspiracy iceberg

Greetings dear microbes and multicellular beings!
Today we will analysis the Thrive iceberg created by @Trappist-1e.

(I don’t know all the topics that are in this iceberg, but you can talk about these topics in the answers under this post, but for now I wish you a pleasant time! And…

Will you thrive?)

Oliveriver’s video - (Sources: Thrive: The Evolution of a Game (Video Game Analysis) - YouTube, Project History - Thrive Developer Wiki) This video was uploaded on 18 Mar. 2022, and caused a small Youtube Boom regarding Thrive.
Spore - I’m sure most of you know what this game is, so I guess I won’t explain what this topic is.
Disturbance (Sources:, - Disturbance is a concept made by ~sciocont which became a mascot of Thrive, drawn around Jul 18, 2012.
hydrothermal vents - (Sources: Revolutionary Games Thrive stream highlight. - The underwater curse. - YouTube) I can give you 2 definitions of this topic right away, the first one is Biome or how to say it correctly, a patch that can be found at the Microbe Stage, the second definition is very closely related to the next topic, namely, in one of the streams of developers, a question was raised from Narotiza : “But wait, what if they could have hydrothermal vents to smelt the metal?”.
Underwater civilizations - (Sources: Can I become an underwater civilization? - Revolutionary Games Studio) You may (or may not) be surprised to learn that this is the single most frequent question the team has been asked during the project’s history, and each time the conclusion has been the same: no. While civilizations can progress as far as pre-Industrial underwater, we have found time and time again that there is no way to perform metalworking underwater, and therefore no advanced society. There are two exceptions – an extra-terrestrial civilization may uplift you, granting you the technology; or you leave water to develop metalworking then return to the seas afterwards.

Hhyyrylainen (Sources: Project History - Thrive Developer Wiki, Boost's lair - Portfolio) - this is probably the most charismatic programmer from Finland that I have seen in my life. But joking aside, Hhyyrylainen is a programmer from Finland who joined the development team in 2015, later he became de-facto the project leader, he also helped create a new engine (Leviathan) for Thrive, but later thanks to him Thrive was transferred to new Godot engine, at the time of writing he is create later stage prototypes for Thrive.
Kikygames - I can’t say anything about this topic, so write your explanations in the answers later in this thread.
Evolutions! (Sources: Project History - Thrive Developer Wiki) - In early 2009, a Sporum user called Hirnsausen posted screenshots of a game called Evolutions!, claiming it was a scientifically-minded Spore-like game being developed by students at Berlin University. The announcement thread has since disappeared due to a forum glitch, but there is an archived version of the first few pages. Evolutions! promised realistic-looking organisms, evolution by natural selection in the surrounding environment and extremely detailed graphics. While some Sporum users were convinced, others questioned how such a complex piece of software could exist without any fanfare elsewhere. After posting several more “screenshots”, Hirnsausen admitted the entire thing had been a hoax. His stated intention was to convince EA/Maxis they had competition in the hopes they’d address Spore’s issues.
BurgeonBlas, SpikeViper - I can’t say anything about this topics, so write your explanations in the answers later in this thread.

Shrek as player cell - In one of the first versions of Thrive (Which, to be honest, are more like prototypes), namely in version 0.0.5, the player’s model was not just a ball (as in previous versions), but an ogre.

lounge category - I can’t say anything about this topics, so write your explanations in the answers later in this thread.
the old forum (Sources:, Thrive Game Development) - In the entire history of Thrive, there were 2 forums on the game, now they are closed, who knows… maybe this forum will be closed someday…
Thrive Universe (Sources: Thrive Universe (TU) | Thrive Wiki | Fandom - The Thrive Universe is a world constructed by you, the community - no, not you, you to the left. That’s right. Be aware this is not an actual world in-game and is merely a collection of pages put together to create a living world whilst we wait for the real thing. But it is still worth a look to see the creativity the community has to offer.
banana biome bug - (Source: Lets figure out Thrive 0.4.0 guys - #19 by Colt44)
I’ll show you a screenshot, without explanation.
Thrive “Official” Comics - I can’t say anything about this topic, so write your explanations in the answers later in this thread.

I will leave this depth of the iceberg especially for you, you can analyze all these topics yourself.

stealthstyle is a mod, zenzone is kikygames, alternate tech tree doesn’t mean what you think it means - I can’t say anything about this topics, so write your explanations in the answers later in this thread.

Who created Thrive Font - this probably means the font or the Old UI, or the font of the Thrive logo, well, at least I still don’t know who created these fonts, I presume that it was ~sciocont.

Original Music were stollen - I don’t know if the author of the iceberg was referring to the original main menu theme music created by HongChong7 or this topic is related to Doggit.
But to tell a story about Doggit, this man stole and slightly altered the music of other people (Who are not even connected with the development of Thrive) and passed it off as the musical themes of Thrive.

Disco mode - One of the glitches in an older version of Thrive made the nucleus flash. This was dubbed “disco mode” and then became a recurring meme, and even an idea for a possible cheat code for the game. (Fun fact: there was a disco mode theme for an April fools version of Thrive)

Revolutionary Cult (Source: Revolutionary Cult) - On December 10, 2022, a certain person with the nickname @tabat, created a thread dedicated to the cult about worshiping hhyyrylainen, (I talked about this Finnish programmer above), but later the thread was renamed the Revolutionary Cult, I don’t want to tell you the rest, since the members of this cult are actively want to recruit new members, I don’t want to advertise this cult.

species with 100 k of population, Ascended users. - I know what is meant here, but I will leave it to you to analyze this topics below this post.

Sea Floor
Banana Cult - DELETED INFO

nuclear reactors to smelt underwater - probably another solution for the implementation of underwater civilizations.

strange sounds on the soundtrack (Source: 'Vireo' - Thrive Main Theme v8 (Long Version) - YouTube, Thrive Ocean Theme - YouTube) - at the beginning of Thrive Main Theme v8 (Long Version), you can hear strange sounds, in fact a mixture of 3 sounds, by going to the first source in the description under the video, you can see what sounds Oliver used. Also on the background of Thrive Ocean Theme, you can hear the sounds of whales.

Instoppable cells in abyss, autoevo going too far - I know what is meant here, but I will leave it to you to analyze this topics below this post.



March 9th incident.
I… Caused the March 9th incident.

What are you speaking about? Does it have something to do with the revolutionary cult and the banana cult?

No. I directly caused the March 9th incident. By accident. Possibly.

We shall not speak about March 9, 2023. Nothing happened on March 9, 2023.


Is it okay if i update my profile to say that i am in some way the cause?

Send me DM, if you can with explanation

To get an inside on Burgeon, read Underwater Civilizations Take 3 and Making a Line For What Content Not to Include threads.

there is no march 9th 2023 we went from the 8th to the 10th



could we get oliver to make an iceburg video if we asked very nicely

No, we have already done the analysis of the iceberg (True, not everything yet), I do not think that Oliver will add something new

i just thought itd be a fun idea

Maybe in a few years, when the iceberg gets fuller.

To be honest, in this iceberg, a lot of facts have more to do with forums and the community than with the game itself.

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In truth they’re one and the same.
And we definitely need to add the Pandora Horizon series.
That was a massive chunk of forum culture while it was ongoing.

Also in this iceberg it was necessary to add, the upcoming war of the Revolutionary and Banana cults


how can you build a nuclear reactor to smelt underwater when you can’t smelt steel and iron in the first place

what happened on march, 9, 2023?