Ancient civilization ascension gate

So while you are in the aware or awakening stage, it would be cool if you see a “supernova” at night, but as you progress and learn more about space, you start to find clues pointing to not being a supernova, and in the space stage, you learn it was an ascension gate used by an ancient civilization


This should be lore

In my opinion the player needs to be the first species to ascend, the game doesn’t really work otherwise. The first species to ascend can with their infinite power prevent anyone else from ever ascending. And it makes a much more satisfying end to the game to be the first species ever to discover how to ascend. So while I’m fine with some ancient technology relics that can be found by the player, this is not one I’d approve of.


I think it would be nice, according to previous comments, to maybe try to use this as a kind of hall of fame for a replay game - if the player managed to excel, maybe there are some saved for the next game and maybe something interesting can be found that was not present in the first successful game.
Can improve repeatability and be new without destroying anything. Maybe as an aesthetic or a story than something real


and maybe the ascension process destroys the gate, but you can fix it so that it cann accelerate the process. you won’t find one in every game though. I’d say 1 in 100 games can have a ruined gate


maybe when you can visit a saved world from a past game in the space stage

It could depend on the overall philosophy of that ancient civilization. If a civilization is not oriented towards selfishness, destruction or conquest, they MIGHT let some other civs ascend. For instance, I would very well imagine that Vortigaunts might actually let other species ascend if they ever did ascend themselves as they don’t aim towards selfishness or destruction. Not that Vorts are in the game, I’m just using them as an example of what kind of civ would let other civs ascend as well.

In my opinion, a similar topic has already taken place.


Well if they let a species ascend that is not as nice as them, that newly ascended species might try to destroy all previously ascended lifeforms and then become an evil ascended empire. So the already ascended species is the safest off by preventing anyone else from ever ascending.

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lets vote

  • You are first to ascend
  • Finding clues from the previously ascended
  • Finding clues can speed up the ascension research but it isn’t necessary
  • Possible random game over in hard mode: You angered the gods
  • Ascended species can’t hurt other civs because the they join “the senate of the ascended” and any proposal that breaks the prime directive is usually vetoed
  • Ascension power comes from the other civs worshiping you, you wouldn’t hurt your worshippers
  • Ascension doesn’t happen, the game ends when there is nothing left to do (“the end of history”)
  • Something else
  • My mmo universe idea
  • My uteen ascension idea

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Then again, they might now what species are evil and would certainly prevent only those ones from ever ascending. For example, while Vortigaunts are pacific, they WILL fight back against those they consider evil if they can and since they can actually see the future, it would be an easy task to know who’s evil and who’s not.

  1. @hhyyrylainen, you voted for the Finding clues option, but isn’t that part of the you’re not the first to ascend? Or that another civ previously built a failed ascension gate?
  2. Does the Senate of the Ascended option would be like us humans who agree to not hurt the environment?

Perhaps the “Finding clues” can be realized not through the Ancient Civilizations, but through the study of natural phenomena in space, or astronomical objects.

That is actually a pretty good idea

That’s just normal research. I was thinking of obtaining the ascension research of other species, they may have succeeded or failed in ascending


I mean some of them.

Evil is still subjective, seeing in the future won’t make you able to see who is evil and who is not because you are the one that defines evil and good, for all you know the empire that ascended believes in eugenetics and will stop any empire that doesn’t “cleanse” their population?

evil = prevents new civs from ascending

They care about genes? “You can’t ascend if you aren’t blue”

Then, this contradicts the main essence of ascension in Thrive, that the player is a first-ascended species, it also says that the game cannot be “ended”

this is kind of unrelated but how do you become "spacefaring and where can I fond the answer? can I just change it?

I meant it like that you could find failed attempts at ascension made by collapsed empires.

Getting a tech to unlock faster by fulfilling certain conditions or exploring some specific thing, is a planned feature of the tech system much earlier than space stage, so my vote was not related to this.

Exactly my point.

Exactly my point, the player has to be the first species to ascend for the game to make sense. Otherwise the player can immediately lose the game once they start if there’s an already ascended species. Competing to be the first to ascend in space stage is like the big challenge in that stage and requires the player to compete with other species. If someone is already ascended by the player has a chance to go to space, the player has basically already lost the game (or they randomly have lost the game depending on if the ascended species happens to like them or not, and losing due to RNG is not any fun and I will veto any features that cause the game to be randomly lost without player chance to do anything about it).