ATP Needs a Better Warning

I’ve just recently found out about this game and I’m really enjoying it so far. But time and time again I find myself with an ATP balance too low, and I don’t really realize it. This is the reason for countless restarts. I feel like the game should give a small popup warning to you that it maybe near impossible to reenter the cell creator. Thanks


As far as I know, thats a current issue that might be corrected in the next release, i’m not sure.
But our King and Programming Lead @hhyyrylainen (a.k.a Henri I - no jk, its an internal joke dont bother :grin:) will probably give you an answer soon.

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I think that is a thing that could be implemented in the next release

Also welcome to the forums @ArbiterOfThePast, I hope you enjoy your stay here

I mean this could be added, but next release will have auto saving, which by default will let you go back a couple editor sessions if you mess up.

man… was not expecting a dev here, thank you for taking this into consideration.

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