Deos Mundum (Forum Game)

It’s your vote bar, once it is filled you will get another vote

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need ur votes

action: discover fire

important announcement-

How I decide based on dice- if the primary roll, the one at the top of the summery, is below 9, I start killing people off via situational developments, there are no natural hindrances to a low roll on actions, unless it involves the lives of the people, directly or indirectly

How I decide Adaptations- You can exploit adaptations, by positioning a disadvantage on your people, such as minor poisoning over a long duration of time, or just by hurting them and letting them recover, like well, adapting.

I hope this clears some unasked questions

I vote to invent fire using the wood from the fruit trees

try to develamt a stone tools

this was my vote i made it a bit after the round was announced

@GodOfKnowledge this was my vote

Action 1: Look for/Research metal
Action 2: If action 1 fails, repeat action 1, otherwise, Research a way to smelt that metal

I think only @YourbroGarson hasn’t voted, and they haven’t been online since May 4th (almost 2 weeks)

I got pm’d his, fyi

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Round 7

Years 51-60

The hand of God shall lead the way, with dice

Exert from the Inferno- By Imps


Roll -20
Stability - 2 (+1 Og roll 18+)
Vote- Stone tools, succ+(17)

+1 vote

The exo-cement seems to have a lot of promising aspects, due to its versatility, it acts as clay but turns into a very hard rock after being heated up, almost ceramic, but not brittle. As you shape this you use a rod of already dried Exo cement as the foundations, covering it with more exo-cement, it hardens into a large club. This may be useful.



Int - 16.5 (+10%)
Str - 15
Def - 49 (+10% + 30% of Str)
Char - 30


Half - Silicon base: Def+ 30% of Str
Metallic quarter: +10% Def, +10% Int
always changing skin: Adaps more easily to conditions, +1 on Natural Disaster Rolls

Naive - Affected by other races more easily (-10% charisma)
Brain load - -1 on Phycological Rolls


Tech- Fire (+1 stability), Hardened Excra-Cement, Acid Bom, Stone Tools
Mystic- None
Organisms- Alzo Moss (slightly poisonous), Alto Shrooms (Slightly poisonous),
Location- Underground


Pop- 115
Growth- 4(111(1.03))
Adaptations- Minor Poison Resistance (2/5)
Votes [0/15] -2 (+2 Stone Tools)


Roll - 7
Stability - 0
Vote- Invent council, succ(13)

With the elders gaining power once again, some renegade off into the wilderness to escape, and most of them die.


Races: Chiropterans, Cavern Giants, Lavawalkers, Shroomfolk, Kongs, Wraiths, Flowers, Shades, Armex, Salalos, Silkspinners, Stygians.

Average stats:

Power: 20
Intelligence: 20
Defense: 20
Charisma: 44


Advantage: Unit Power - depending on what kind of race I use, I will get different boosts. Boosts will be specified in my vote.

Advantage 2: Councils Appeal: Any Civ I meet with I gain some pop from to buff Unit power.


Disadvantage 1: Council’s trust: Raises charisma and uses actions towards my Civ.

Disadvantage 2: Light sensitivity. Even though some of their members glow, it is not comparable to bright lights such as the sun. As such, stats are lowered during the daytime.


Tech- Magnets (Nothing), Council (+1 stability)
Mystic-Blue Gem,
Organisms - Hyre Mycelium (Adapting 1.75/2),
Location- Damp Underground


Pop- 39
Growth- 2(45(1.044))
Vote [5/10]-1 (+3 council)


Roll - 7
Stability- 2
Vote 1- Metal research, succ(10)
Vote 2- Develop Furnaces, succ(13)

After finding a state area, your tribe now developed, skipping the stone age, they immediately found copper on the ground, not a lot, but the material was oddly captivating, after 5 years of trial, they found that it melts in hot areas, using the firestones in an insulated hole, they can cast small copper daggers. This may be useful.


Name of species- Kajit
Status, you have 100 points to put into these attributes, with a minimum of 15

Int - 33 (+10%)
Str - 25
Def - 22 (+10%)
Char - 19(-5%)

Traits (follows 2-1 or 3-2 rule)

Cat-like Anatomy (+10 Def, +1 in Dark Enviorments)
Big Brained (+ 10% Int and +1 on Int Rolls)

Unemphatic (-10% charisma)

Description; Look like Khajiit from the elder scrolls games. Thoughtful and innovative.


Tech- Stone making process (Basic), Non-Party System(+1 stability), Copper Daggers
Mystic- Life Stone (7 ), Fire Stone (4),
Organisms-Fire Bush, Stream Bulb
Location- Burning underground


Pop- 74
Growth- 2(72(1.019))
Adaptations- Heat resistance [3/5] 100-110F
Vote [12/15] - 2 (+5 Copper daggers)


Roll - 3
Stability- 2
Vote- stable food source, succ+(16)

After searching around, they found small creatures half the size of them, that ate waste rocks and produced sweet nectar. To capture them, many were sacrificed as they were unusually fierce. But you got a small number of them. the food crisis has been solved.




-Eusocial Creatures
-Like Ants they have Queens to reproduce, this causes them to be unaffected by low charm (i don’t care if this isn’t how it works IRL I need something to deal with the incredibly low charm)
-Due to their ability to use Pheromone Communication they can easily share information with other members of the species. This allows them to easily exchange knowledge and coordinate far more efficiently
-Unempathetic (don’t know if that’s the right word) [ Suffers a penalty towards Sociability with Other Species]
-If the Queen dies and they don’t have some sort of royal jelly or smth their :belgium: ed


Tech- N/A
Mystic- N/A
Organisms- Hypo Parasite, Stone aphid
Location- Icy underground


Pop- 52
Pop Growth- 2(1.015(57))
Adaptations- N/A
Vote[1/10]-1(+3 for Stone Aphid)


Roll - 5
Stability- 1
Vote- invent fire, fal(9)

As the cold night set in, the imps shuffled together to conserve their warmth, yet the everlasting banging on the bolder that protected them gave them a hard time. Some directly passed away from fatigue.


Imps. duh


Tech- Basalt structures
Mystic- N/A
Organisms- Zarc Sapling , Scarbs
Location- Basalt underground


Pop Growth- 2(1.03(72))
Adaptations- N/A


Roll - 6
Stability- 3
Vote- Invent Selective breeding, succ(12)

+1 vote

Over time, your species has bred only the strongest most passive thyums, now, they are three times as strong as they had been before, and have never been more friendly to you, they love jazz.


Int. 25
Str. 25
Def. 25
Char. 25
Hypnotism +10% Charisma
Amphibious +10% Strength in Water
Prone to Land Sickness -10% Defence
Big Plankton/Lizard/Fish Boy


Tech- Fire (+1 stability), democracy (+1 stability)
Mystic- Fire gem (better fire stone)
Organisms- Thyum,
Location- Basalt underground


Pop- 109
Pop Growth- 3(1.03(106))
Adaptations- N/A
Vote[1/15]-2 (+2 for Selective breeding)

Evolved Cimp

Roll- 15
stability- 0
Vote- Fire, Fal (9)

To contribute more to society, intellectual chimp sought the way of warmth. It seems he needs some informational storage, his small brain doesn’t remember much.


Evolved Chimp-

Int 20
Str 35
Def 30
Char 15

big arms, +10% strength

primate, +10 defense in trees

not fully evolved -5% intelligence

A chimpanzee that has evolved higher than its peers, but isn’t fully evolved.


Tech- N/A
Organisms - Sept-Fruit
Location- Tropical Underground


Pop- 106
Growth- 2(104(1.015))
Vote [2/10]-1

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my round is the same as last time
exact same…

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i think its the same for everyone

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no, i just checked, at least one person doesn’t have the same round

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U sure?

look at my round from this round and from the previous round
k, its fixed now
action: retry making fire

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action: develop agriculture

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Vote: Hit rocks together near mycelium (invent fire)

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I’d be getting tech if my stability didn’t keep dropping like crazy lol

Btw: what exactly are the benefits/disadvantages of your adaptation system?

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