Deos Mundum (Forum Game)

retry creating fire with materials from the trees (wood and leaves)

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vote: Undestand mining (to expant the place and maybe to find something intresting)
vote 2: try to create an ceramica

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You have 2 votes. , .

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Yeah, he made enough discoveries to fill up his first vote bar thing, like Centarian did

And whoever controls the bartholemusicians

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so far my species only made two discoveries:
1.The parasites that grow on my species are edible
2. Theres some giant creatures called stone aphids which we can use to avoid starvation

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Action 1: Search for metals (Out of curiosity)
Action 2: If action 1 fails, repeat action 1, otherwise, Research tools to collect those metals.

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New round today

im industrial now


No you’re godofknowledge

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Round 8

Years 61-70

The surface is filled with risk and luck

Exert from the Unknown - By Unknown

Rimats @doomlightning

Roll -13
Stability - 2
Vote- Understand mining, succ(10)
Vote- create a Ceramic, succ(130

+1 vote

After trying to explore the world a bit more, some tribe members found a cave, which contained turquoise, and red rocks. Not knowing what to do, they reported it to the higher-ups. In light of the day, The tribe was able to make some ceramic bowls, allowing long-term storage of ingredients for their meals



Int - 16.5 (+10%)
Str - 15
Def - 49 (+10% + 30% of Str)
Char - 30


Half - Silicon base: Def+ 30% of Str
Metallic quarter: +10% Def, +10% Int
always changing skin: Adaps more easily to conditions, +1 on Natural Disaster Rolls

Naive - Affected by other races more easily (-10% charisma)
Brain load - -1 on Phycological Rolls


Tech- Fire (+1 stability), Hardened Excra-Cement, Acid Bomb, Stone Tools, Ceramics
Mystic- None
Organisms- Alzo Moss (slightly poisonous), Alto Shrooms (Slightly poisonous),
Location- Underground


Pop- 120
Growth- 5(115(1.03))
Adaptations- Minor Poison Resistance (3/5)
Votes [3/15] -2 (+3 for total discoveries)

Ferloth-De @TwilightWings21

Roll - 15
Stability - 0
Vote- Invent fire , fal(2)

Some people tried to hurt the mycelium, but unexpectedly, the mycelium ate the rocks and turned into very tough cloth-like fungi . This may be useful.


Races: Chiropterans, Cavern Giants, Lavawalkers, Shroomfolk, Kongs, Wraiths, Flowers, Shades, Armex, Salalos, Silkspinners, Stygians.

Average stats:

Power: 20
Intelligence: 20
Defense: 20
Charisma: 44


Advantage: Unit Power - depending on what kind of race I use, I will get different boosts. Boosts will be specified in my vote.

Advantage 2: Councils Appeal: Any Civ I meet with I gain some pop from to buff Unit power.


Disadvantage 1: Council’s trust: Raises charisma and uses actions towards my Civ.

Disadvantage 2: Light sensitivity. Even though some of their members glow, it is not comparable to bright lights such as the sun. As such, stats are lowered during the daytime.


Tech- Magnets (Nothing), Council (+1 stability)
Mystic-Blue Gem,
Organisms - Hyreful Mycelium
Location- Damp Underground


Pop- 40
Growth- 1(39(1.044))
Vote [8/10]-1 (+3 succ adaptation)

Kajit @Centarian

Roll - 12
Stability- 2
Vote 1- Metal search, succ(12)
Vote 2- collect metal, succ(18)

+1 vote

After a year of searching, they found a secluded cave that had tonnes of copper in them, unfortunately, they were infested by a large arachnid-like creature, your tribe easily massacred their species by burning their webs. Your species is smart for a reason, as there were no casualties and you got a ton of copper, even a storage new material!


Name of species- Kajit
Status, you have 100 points to put into these attributes, with a minimum of 15

Int - 33 (+10%)
Str - 25
Def - 22 (+10%)
Char - 19(-5%)

Traits (follows 2-1 or 3-2 rule)

Cat-like Anatomy (+10 Def, +1 in Dark Enviorments)
Big Brained (+ 10% Int and +1 on Int Rolls)

Unemphatic (-10% charisma)

Description; Look like Khajiit from the elder scrolls games. Thoughtful and innovative.


Tech- Stone making process (Basic), Non-Party System(+1 stability), Copper Daggers,
Mystic- Life Stone (7 ), Fire Stone (4),
Organisms-Fire Bush, Stream Bulb, Cave arachnid (Extinct)
Location- Burning underground


Pop- 76
Growth- 2(74(1.019))
Adaptations- Heat resistance [3/5] 100-110F
Vote [0/25] - 3 (+3 due to discoveries)

Hecato @Null

Roll - 18
Stability- 2
Vote- Agiculture, succ+++(12)

As the colony moves around, they find a species of stone fungi that has great nutritional value, and is easily growable, as the new designs are underway, you consequently invent irrigation systems to fertilize it, the stone aphids also take a liking to the meal.




-Eusocial Creatures
-Like Ants they have Queens to reproduce, this causes them to be unaffected by low charm (i don’t care if this isn’t how it works IRL I need something to deal with the incredibly low charm)
-Due to their ability to use Pheromone Communication they can easily share information with other members of the species. This allows them to easily exchange knowledge and coordinate far more efficiently
-Unempathetic (don’t know if that’s the right word) [ Suffers a penalty towards Sociability with Other Species]
-If the Queen dies and they don’t have some sort of royal jelly or smth their :belgium: ed


Tech- Irrigation
Mystic- N/A
Organisms- Hypo Parasite, Stone aphid, Stone fungi
Location- Icy underground


Pop- 54
Pop Growth- 2(1.015(52))
Adaptations- N/A
Vote[6/10]-1(+5 for Stone fungi and irrigation)

Imps @zenzonegaming

Roll - 16
Stability- 1
Vote- invent fire, fal(9)

+1 vote

It seems fire is not a thing in this universe, the newly coordinated tribe leader sought it so much, it was almost as he could reach it with his grasp, it appears he has adapted.

Hidden adaptation, Insulation I has been found


Imps. duh


Tech- Basalt structures
Mystic- N/A
Organisms- Zarc Sapling , Scarbs
Location- Basalt underground


Pop Growth- 3(1.03(72))
Adaptations- Insulation I (0/5)
Vote[0/15]-2 (+5 from adapting)

Bartholemusicians @YourbroGarson

Roll - 14
Stability- 4 (+1 for shelter) MAX
Vote- Invent monetary system, succ++(20)
Vote- Invent shelters, succ(14)

As the group transcends tribehood, it becomes a village of bartholemusicians. Using the scales of different types of fish as currency, they are able to trade easier and have a better time in life, With more money, there are more people who want money, ad a recent invention was added. Housing, it was nice to be able to construct basic rammed earth huts in and out of the water, and with the new addition, basic roadways are formed, allowing people to walk and swim faster and easier before. Tomes have changed, even the thyums have begun to swim.

Over time, your species has bred only the strongest most passive thyums, now, they are three times as strong as they had been before, and have never been more friendly to you, they love jazz.


Int. 25
Str. 25
Def. 25
Char. 25
Hypnotism +10% Charisma
Amphibious +10% Strength in Water
Prone to Land Sickness -10% Defence
Big Plankton/Lizard/Fish Boy


Tech- Fire (+1 stability), democracy (+1 stability), monetary system, roads, shelter(+1 stability)
Mystic- Fire gem (better fire stone)
Organisms- Thyum,
Location- Basalt underground


Pop- 112
Pop Growth- 3(1.03(109))
Adaptations- N/A
Vote[8/15]-2 (+7 For all discoveries)

Evolved Chimps @SupaChimp

Roll- 17
stability- 2 (Group bonding//Firee)
Vote- Fire, succ(14)

As the chimp seeks inspiration, he has a dream, he saw all the future possibilities, every one of them, yet he could not find it, it seemed that he would have to think outside of his mind, with others! After a grueling 10 years, they made FIRE!!


Evolved Chimp-

Int 20
Str 35
Def 30
Char 15

big arms, +10% strength

primate, +10 defense in trees

not fully evolved -5% intelligence

A chimpanzee that has evolved higher than its peers, but isn’t fully evolved.


Tech-Fire ( +1 Stability)
Organisms - Sept-Fruit
Location- Tropical Underground


Pop- 108
Growth- 2(104(1.015))
Vote [5/10]-1 (+3 for fire)


action: invent fire.

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U got 2 votes

When it says +1 vote, u got +1 vote

Action 1: research gears.
Action 2: If action 1 fails, repeat action 1, otherwise, research clockwork.
Action 3: if action 2 fails, repeat action 2, otherwise, Research drills

Heh. Complex actions. Can I just put the word “waterfall” above my actions to show I’d does it like this?

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ah, the speedrunning strat 4 automatons

u have iron rn

I’m going for drills. Specifically

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Ok, I edited my actions.

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action number 2: improve farming

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ok, but y u no use stone making method?

@GodOfKnowledge, is this ok with you?

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ya, it good

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Do I get points for making a species go extinct?

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