If you play roblox can you post your username here?

Mine is Leostarwar9876 by the way, and yes, I know I am a bacon hair noob, but at least it is better than the new roblox default male character, which is very trashy in my opinion.


XxPolandGamer1xX. I can’t change my name so don’t ask why is it that weird.



Created after I forgot the password of me previous account.

I made several accounts this way.


sent you a friend request

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Friend request accepted.

mine is wilfi_pugbra
i have sent everyone friend requests

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DessertRose2. Yes that is a typo of desert, no it was not intentional. Yes, I was dumb when I made my account lol

You have roses as dessert?

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i would play ksp but i have never had a good enough pc to get more than one frame per hour

playing it is ok but do not spend money on it