Hi I came here on the forums because i really like the idea behind a evolution type of game where you control a creature with realistic parameters (not like the infantile stuff that was in Spore) so in the near future i will try to share some ideas that i have in my head, i´m no programmer or anything but i like to think about how in-depth gameplay can be with this game (specifically with the Multicellular Stage), recently i was watching documentaries and reading books about prehistoric life so i have some ideas i want to share regarding this game in the near future


Welcome @foxmulder!
Theres also a “starter pack” @QuantumCrab did before.

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Anyway, very excited to see new faces here! Seems thrive is going to be an empire! Ruled by an emperor! Financed with patreon! :crazy_face: :partying_face:

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Welcome to the Thrive Community Forums™!
I don’t know as much as Lovat does but i can still give you a welcome message!


Hey welcome to the forums @foxmulder! Glad to see you come here to join this fine community.

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Welkum to the Komoonity Fowums!


Hello and welcome, fox. Hope you enjoy the project and the community.
If you can (and want), donate to the hhyyrylainen’s Patreon to support the game.


welcome amigo.

hope you enjoy it here.

Welcome to the forums!

I’m also curious about how did you, @foxmulder, meet thrive! And how is your history with spore and thrive. How did everyone get introduced to thrive?

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