Level Editor similar to that of Spore's Galactic Adventures Adventure Editor

This is my first post so far on the forum, and one question has been pondering on my mind; is the game going to be implemented with an in-game (or out-game) level editor that would allow players to make save files of levels similar to that of Spore’s Galactic Adventures Adventure editor? Will these levels be based on a customized number of acts as well as custom audio file implementation?

And speaking of audio, I know custom audio files from other players would be possible to place inside player-made levels, as I had previously played Roblox a few years ago and they had added an update that allowed for players to upload their own audio files into a player-made place/level. I’m curious to know and i’d like to hear the thoughts and ideas from other people here.


I feel like this needs a similar level of effort compared to the actual world generation for the game (maybe even a bit more to make a user friendly level editor). At that point to me it seems like making a completely new game within Thrive (some stuff like movement and character traits could be shared), but a level editor with probably some scripting (I don’t know how the galactic adventures worked) is a huge amount of work.

It would be possible to make a map format for Thrive that supports embedding audio files in them, but once again that’s extra work on top of making the level editor.

I don’t see us working on this kind of thing before the game is basically done (when there’s almost nothing new to add). Of course Thrive being an open source project, I’m not against someone developing this functionality, and including it in the main game.


Surprised that actually a developer had replied, so here are a few more ideas regarding a level editor. I definitely agree with hhyyrylainen that such an advanced level editing feature would be quite difficult to implant inside of the Thrive game itself, but that is pretty much what continues a game to remain alive for a long time. That’s why Spore still isn’t dead after being released and abandoned in the early 2000’s; because players were given the opportunity to create their own adventures after finishing their game and conquering the galaxy. When a player would become bored of Spore, there’s always an opportunity for them to create an adventure that allows other player’s captains beam down and partake on a quest. Despite being abandoned by Electronic Arts and Maxis… still, 15 to 20 adventures are being uplaoded to the Sporepedia every day and that amount isn’t lowering.

The premise is simple; a level editor simply is not yet implemented within the game right away after release, but then comes as a major paid update later on after a year or two after the main Thrive game is released, because the developers deserve it after such hard work. It’s definitely a lot of hard work, but with enough developers focusing on the next major paid update, teamwork is always what makes the project perfect. I myself used to become so bored of Spore until that Galactic Adventures update was released and then I was no longer bored, spending 8 to 24 hours straight in an entire day working in the Adventure Editor. Even in the 1990’s, level/map editors in games like Doom were popular and allowed players to download maps built by other players and quite frankly that’s why Doom today, despite being a 1990’s game, is still popular; because players can make their own maps and share it to other players who can download the map right inside of the game without having to use external software.

Blockquote hhyyrylainen but a level editor with probably some scripting (I don’t know how the galactic adventures worked) is a huge amount of work.
(how do I properly bock-quote someone? sorry, i’m new to the forum)

Speaking of scripting, I’m not so much a fan of programming-language type scripting within the editor because learning to program is difficult (it’s like trying to learn a different verbal language from another country) but this could be compensated for by having things like a simplified creature/captain advanced behaviour editor within the editor that consists of clickable buttons rather than consisting of programming language, like this:

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In the case of Thrive, I think we have failed to introduce enough variety if a map editor is one of the most requested features.

What I envision that players could do is share saves where they may have made like a really unusable species, and the challenge is to salvage it. So far not many save files have been shared, but there’s at least Save files!

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Then, I’m really interested how the Spore adventure stuff could make varied stuff? If you can just design planets and put creatures on them, that doesn’t create a narrative “adventure”, there must be some kind of custom game logic (perhaps scripting in disguise, which I basically see in that screenshot you posted). Making such a system is quite a lot of work as someone needs to program all the behaviours that you can edit with the dropdown menus etc.


Yes, pretty much as this; scripting and programming within the editor that would be player-friendly, consisting of clickable buttons, rather than requiring the player to type in scripts.

What fascinated me so much about the GA adventure editor was the fact that it played in-game music while you were inside the editor and wind blowing sound effects would play when you would zoom or pan the camera in and out of long distances, unlike how many of these other in-game level editors would not play any sound effects while you’re editing. I could only wish that someone out there would be so interested in the Thrive project and had a large budget to donate/fund a large sum of money into the production of this game, because everyone has been begging for a Spore 2.


Just kind of popping in here to suggest a compromise. Once we introduce planet customization options we could potentially allow players to create and share planetary systems as “scenarios” as a sort of challenge or twist to traditional gameplay. Perhaps we could implement timed customizable events or the likes, such as a scenario where you must evolve as much has you can before a meteor strikes and kills all life on your world, or the world would be seeded with a custom race.

It would still require a bit of extra effort to create, but I feel like such a thing would fit in Thrive better thematically and mechanically, while still satisfying that creative urge to make such things.

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World generation settings could probably be shared as a string that packs all of that in, to make them easier to share.
I suppose what could also be done is sharing a save file done immediately after starting a new game.

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