Dang ok then

Vote 1: Create some kind of burrow/base of operations

Vote 2: Hunt a lot of creatures, store excess food if it occurs in burrow if I made it

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How much MP would it take to get a second form?
Like, I can switch between the two forms at will?
I was thinking about a more solid form.

That is an ability you would have to gain throught an evolution.

Got it, 30 MP here I come.

You also need to unlock one.

That’s pretty fair, so how do I do that?

You unlock one by satisfying a condition (which can be anything). There is also a guaranteed evolution unlock if you survive 5 rounds in a row, but take into account that evolutions with harder or rarer unlock conditions are usually stronger.

Can we play as non-wicked people after we die?

No, resuscitation always gives you the intact body you had, it is the fundamental characteristic of all wicked.

Is there anything I’ve learned about the methods of survival in the last 70 years?

Action: look for nutrients, sweet sweet nutrients

Action: look for a good place to photosynthesize in afterward

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You know how to do survival

action 1: find something and sneeze on it and eat it.
action 2: more of the same.

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Can I join?
if so,
Name: Nerdioum,
Wickedness: Going around everywhere and playing real life gta, Breaking into cars, running over people, calling up lester to “scramble up my phone signals (whatever that means)”

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I think I know what can get me my second form,
If possible, spend MP making it so I can harden parts of my body, allowing myself to make psudolimbs and spikes and small patches of shell at will.

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Ok you are in the game.


frale you necroposted

I am the original poster.

Edit: I also think that what I posted is very relevant to the topic.

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it might be

  1. serche the area to find some place to hide and rest (shelter finder)
  2. fond more food, not hunt but steady

I understand what happen:
U using my name for the species


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