Progress Updates

I prefer the old music.

I agree, but I still have the ‘unfinished’ version in my playlist instead of the finished version, so I am probably a bit biased.

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What do you mean by the “‘unfinished’ version”?

Oh wait, nevermind.


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There will be an hiatus during the holidays so there won’t be any updates untill January

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We are back!


I have to say, while I love the addition of cell walls, I can’t help but wonder how useful they’ll be in the current auto-evo system.

Also, I feel like Thrive’s patreon should be renamed to Hhyyrylainen’s patreon for now, comparable to Untrustedlife’s old patreon, since currently that’s what the the Patreons will be paying. Of course Hhyyrylainen is the main dev right now, but that will (hopefully) not be permantent. Only when the non-profit is actually set up should it be renamed back to Thrive’s.

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That new design documents looks very good. Methanogenic microbes? Manganese metabolism? Yes please! I especially like the idea of a sulfurous world. Though my unemployment continues, once I have an income I will throw some shekels your way.

I thought about the options a lot and came to the conclusion that it made the most sense to make one saying “here, this is the patreon for thrive, let’s see if we can get some money” because the earlier attempt did not gain traction. If the patreon reaches enough money to cover the costs of registering a non-profit I will make it a priority thing to sort out. I will also try to be as transparent as possible on what the money is spent on.


Yaaaay! Planet generator!


Let’s all praise the Underwater Lord, narotiza for his concept.


Is the membrane of the intro 3d?
And if is, will the membare be like that?

I’ve said this multiple times on discord, but I guess I haven’t said it on the forums:
The membrane will be made 3D exactly when someone comes along with the math to calculate the points for such a membrane as well as an edge highlighting shader (or another variant that makes the cell edges look good, currently the flat membrane has a texture that is more transparent in the middle to do the effect, but the same technique doesn’t work on a 3D membrane) and puts it in the game. That last part is optional if someone is willing to do all of the math and shader parts and prove that it works for thrive I can volunteer to put it into thrive, but I guess at that point they would have had to almost implement it themselves to prove that it works.


This little ambitious project has come so far, it actually feels like a game now instead of some simple test. We even are starting to have basic planet generation functionality.


The UI looks like this concept for 3d Gameplay