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It’s in the actual game right now; 0.5.8 I believe.

I think you use binding agents to form a colony of 10 cells (it might be just 5, I’m not quite sure), and you will be able to click a button that says ‘become multicellular’

Do note that this will not work in free build mode


for clarification, it is 5.


Is the game capable of showing one compound as both distributed and as compound clouds? For example, is it possible to have an ambient oxygen concentration as well as a local higher concentration compound cloud around a cluster of photo-synthesizers?

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I think the same variable is used to control both behaviours, so you can’t separately set them. Also quite widely in the code the assumption is made that a compound can’t be both so it likely exposes “bugs” if that is ever changed.

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about when will version be released?

Saturday, probably

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wait what does the Become Macroscopic button do?

nothing yet.

When should we expect the new patch generation to come out?

It’s nearing completion I believe, so in the next update (I believe the regular schedule is an update every 2 months). I’m not sure if it’s playable yet or if it’s still going through touches to making sure nothing odd happen/ensuring UI functionality like with scrolling and such.

@Kemikal would give you the best answer.

Functionality wise its playable right now, its just ugly for the moment.
So, most likely next update, 99% sure.

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Will you be able to make yourself a siphonophore?

From my understanding, that organism is actually a bunch of multicellular organisms similar to jellyfish combined together. I’m not sure if we’d want to get into that much detail regarding having multiple multicellular colonies of the same species combine together since that could get tricky to balance when a similar organism can be made just being a single organism, which I’m pretty confident can be made eventually.

But hey, if we see it prevalent enough when we assess multicellular adaptations in the future, sure. If that isn’t so, you’d be able to make something similar, just a continuous creature instead of multiple.

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What will be main additions of 0.5.9? I’ve heard there will be patch map, engulfment rework, but also macroscopic prototype?

you kinda answered your own question there lol
but anything that gets finished on time will be added

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Would Oliver mind if I used the game’s soundtrack as a base for the songs in Thrive: Self Selection?

what that[size=4][/size]

@Oliveriver can give you specific permission, but you can use Thrive’s files as long as you follow the licensing terms. Here’s the license used for asset files: Thrive/LICENSE.txt at master · Revolutionary-Games/Thrive · GitHub

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Oooh those are a doozy. This is the first time I’ve ever wanted to read the terms of service. Just don’t sue like Ninten-sue