Remmortal chat ( Immortal Forum game) - official

the one on the right of the pic that i sent a while ago of the 3 apostles
and the one my creatures in frales test game are most based off of



How are the acts coming qlong?

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slow and steady win the race

i hope until the end of next week I will finish it all/

I want first finish the novel (I win the challenge)

after that I will finally start to ship the all what in need to do
if have no answer from the player, I will just do stealf work

that the paln


Well, I didn’t want to write this to find a solution to a huge problem I encountered, but out of no choice, and you asked “what happened?”.
I think this is the best time to announce this.

Those who are in my group’s discord noticed that I wrote that…
I lost all the information related to the game.
You heard me right.
All the information about each character, what is happening and what they are holding, was deleted due to a glitch in fixing the previous problem, of the infinite turns on one page that I encountered before.

First of all, a little precedent for those who are not on track -

  1. The old computer where I wrote our rounds, the “Doomputer” crashed two and a half months ago more or less.
  2. Much of the information was destroyed when they all turned to pulp, in correct words
  3. My attempt to restore the backup files was successful for a short time
  4. Parallel saving of the Excel of all our information about the game.
  5. Onedrive crashed due to lack of space
  6. It caused all my files to be deleted.

The only ones I was able to successfully extract is the sketch for the comic, some drawings and the star map and the oldest version of the rounds, 8 rounds ago.

Completing my recovery according to everyone’s previous rounds took me over 3 weeks, and they proved ineffective in recovering all the lost data.

This happened when I got a new laptop. I will get a real PC at the end of the summer.

I got a new software to try to restore and while it was worthwhile, I worked on the novella that I want to finish, but the studies took away all the energy I needed to work on the rounds.

And that’s basically the summary of all things.

I think following this, it is the right time to ask, with a heavy heart - start the game over? Try to manage with what is there and try to create an alternative reality or stop and try to continue with what is there, but it is possible that a lot of important information will be lost, information of almost a year turns out.

Or alternatively, create a new one, with all the knowledge I’ve gained in recent years, with a new stage, and compensate for what was lost in a nicer way.

My heart is broken and that is why I have been inactive for some time.

And I think it’s right to share with you all here, because it hurts me just like you. Imagine a year’s work gone to waste just because of something you can’t do anything about.

I would appreciate your honest opinion.


This is an hard decision, how much important information do you estimate that you weren’t capable of recovering?

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I can distill some of the status, but not the items and without the new speed system. Information about your race, the original without change. Some of your familiar’s non-Ability mutations, and some information about your current location.

All the rest are lost forever if I don’t dig into your round information, and as you can imagine… it will take forever, especially with the time I have

That means at least 70% it lost forever without a thorough probing

Ive got no items, im that one otter species, and my familiar has like no mutations since i dont have one, and of course im on my colony planet

bam, fixed boom, done.
…if only it were that easy

Man I’m sorry, I’d hate it if that were to happen to any of my things.
This has been a great game, and I’m unsure if we should abandon it. But if it is truly unsalvageable then maybe we should just burn the rest of it down and move on to something even greater.

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I wont mind starting over, surprisingly

Since my own plans for LOOOORE also changed over time

Do you think it would be better to start over or to continue?

if we start over then i think half of us would yknow… get the game instead of going in blindly.

whaaaat? i totally didnt spend the first 2 rounds doing litteraly useless things that hurt my performance.

totally didnt know what acts were untill later

We can start over, that could be
But its like make a old soup a new one. May the flavors can be diffrent

That my fearvthat will happan

But again, the game its not solid on me, but all the players

Ita possible to do a complity new one that base on that with diffret setting.

But i want to hear all

Thx for ur all so far

we all get put into our starting bodies with all our current memories.

I think that we should start over, but things from this game should pass over to the next, like for example our civilizations and maybe get to keep something from our character in the next game as a sort of “bonus”?

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for example, maybe i could keep ultra otter, but most of my other powers would be gone.

Perhaps we keep some of our memories too?
(apart from memories of locations)

(also if this were the case, doom would have to rearange the map)

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I think it would be fun if we were isekaid to some other world and forced to work together.
A lot of the fun of this game came from player interactions after all.


enemies would have to be giga-buffed tho lol

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Not if we were reverted to starter states.
Or forced to make new characters - which I would honestly be in favor of.

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