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I have sensed something amiss in the force…
Something horrible just happened.

Yeah, you.

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Kinda harsh, honestly. :confused:

isnt doom the god of balance in this game already

there are many gods of balance
the tea god just came to this universe since it thought the overgod was doing a terrible job of balancing
so he would do it for him instead

tea god kinda bias ngl

tea god be like: If there isn’t an equal measure of matter and tea then it isn’t balanced

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Doesnt tea itself count as matter, though?

the tea god is only the god of tea because he was obsessed with tea before being blessed by the Elder Fathers of all that exists
as such his “tea” only looks and feels like tea due to divine influence, when in reality its just his presence that alters surrounding matter to make it similar to tea for as long as he is present

So it isn’t always tea?
What happens if the tea god comes into contact with the crumpet goddess?
Do they explode?
Or do they merge into one?
That is, assuming there even IS a crumpet goddess.

the tea god is basically has the same strength and influence as the elder fathers
so any self proclaimed “gods” that arent the elder fathers will be vapourised
same with any god-like entity
except for the apostles, which are his servants

So the crumpet goddess would just Belgiuming die, huh?
I did not see that coming, honestly.

not exactly die
but sorta frozen forever
the godess’ presence and influence will disappear
but she would still exist

So no more random crumpets everywhere?
Edit: Aww man, Nari was enjoying the random crumpets!
(That’s a Toca Life Stories reference)

Me starting to work on the remmortal sew tea becoming god for some resone and me thinking about… everything:

My god, it’s full of typos!
Or just strange words i never heard of before, either way it’s weird.

If he was blessed by them then it is impossible for him to have the same strenght as them.


Tea god: reset the hyperverse.

Shilavyn: I refuse to be resetted continues existing and accumulating power

Tea god: real belgium

not really
6 dieties of the same power each sharing a big portion of their power with you, nearly a whole 1/6th of it
you’re bound to become almost as strong as one of them lol

Thx U!
we can now start a fresh new biggining

i also rename this there to the new name!


Its see like we have return to the beginign.
If soo, its my time to sleep and see the alreay 3 sub tommorow.

Good night