THE NEW Miscellaneous Talk That Doesn't Deserve A New Thread Thread Thread (Part 2)

What is it? We should add it to the wiki.

PC cooling related question: is there any liquid coolant for PC components that when they leak out, they don’t react with the parts?

how about liquid nitrogen

pure water and a specific kind of mineral oil

Imagine engineering your own cooler. Man, that’d be awesome!

Yeah, thats would be so COOL

sorry but i had to do it

I can’t believe I missed hhyyry’s ascension.



YouTube dislike extension stopped working again.

Youtube also added a pop-up to tell you not to use adblock, I blocked that


I guess I’ll tease this here a bit:


Funfact: in 2 days, there will be parliamentary elections in Poland.

Election Updates:

IPSOS Exit Poll Result:

Note: While the current ruling party (Prawo i Sprawiedliwość) wins 200 seats in Sejm, the three main opposition parties (Koalicja Obywatelska, Trzecia Droga and Nowa Lewica) together make up a majority with 248 seats. Also the turnout was insane 72.9%, highest since 1989.

IPSOS Late Poll Result:

Note: Not much overall difference from the exit poll, though Prawo i Sprawiedliwość looses two seats to Konfederacja Wolność i Niepodległość and Koalicja Obywatelska looses a bunch of seats to Trzecia Droga.

Overall, the final result will be announced tomorrow, as the votes are still being counted.

Sorry if this isn’t written the best it could be, but I couldn’t sleep tonight and thus am rather tired.

Election Result:

Note: well, Prawo i Sprawiedliwość suffered even greater losses than expected from the late poll.


I tried downloading the Steam Trading Card beta access extra copy from SteamDB and it Thanos-snapped my CS:S guest pass out of existence from my inventory, which I’ve had for years.

Update: It just came back in my inventory (October 22nd, 2023 - 15:07 EST).

Unfun facts:
There is a species of flies that will lay it’s eggs in your skin as you sleep and the maggots will begin to eat you alive and then burst out of your skin as fully formed flies.

The person who wrote the Lord of the Rings is dead.

People express distain towards goals they deem unobtainable, even if it would only better their lives, so by that logic, there is no reason not to become immortal if given the chance, but everyone will try to convince you otherwise as long as they aren’t offered at well.

By today’s standards, no one is a good person, because everyone has some random post on the Internet that you can take out of context.

Death is not an escape, it is non-existence, if you wish to escape from the bad times through it, know that you will not only be giving up everything good in you life as well, not only all the potential good that could come to you in the future, but also the ability to remember that good, to recall the good times, to think, to feel, to move, see, taste, touch, smell, and hear the world around you to any degree. You will never talk to your friends or family again. You will never eat any food again. You will never be able to even dream of what you could have done different. There is only the eternal void, and nothing more.

I moved the previous post out of the unfun facts thread as it is not similar to the previous posts (actual science / animal facts that I don’t need to ask for scientific source on each statement).

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Following this logic, bestiality, belgium and eugenics are actually right.

So try not to use fallacies to sustain your objectively wrong points.


EDIT: Hey @zenzonegaming, I just found an F2P game for you.

Threadripper 7000 just came out. @hhyyrylainen, what are your specs?

My CPU is the ryzen 5950X. I’m not on the threadripper platform so a new threadripper being released doesn’t really matter to me. It’ll probably be at least a few years before I’ll consider updating my CPU (as I’ll need a full motherboard and RAM update as well).

Everyone thinking of replying to @Centarian or @fralegend015 take note of that my post I just quoted. I will delete any replies about this that aren’t Centarian or someone else coming back with the scientific backing for each of Centarian’s claims. I kept fralegend’s post only because I didn’t feel like countering Centarian’s post even though I feel like Centarian is spouting bs that doesn’t have any kind of concrete scientific basis for those claims being made, which is the reason why such a post is not allowed in Science! category. I probably should have deleted the original post, but like I said I didn’t feel like using the brain power to think about the post enough to determine if it was so egregious that it deserved to be deleted.



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It’s been around a year since Teaking changed their’s PFP to a halloween one. Will the PFP become even scarier for this year’s halloween?

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