THE NEW Miscellaneous Talk That Doesn't Deserve A New Thread Thread Thread (Part 2)

It’s gonna be out this summer! Getting so hyped! I can’t wait! I love Valve! cardiac arrest

I discovered yesterday that the pm threads have a limit on how many people you can add post-pm creation before blocking you from adding more people for 23 hours. I got stopped at 5 iirc

Discovered this while I was creating a thread where future players could keep track of what progress I’m making on the remake of my Civ game

I don’t know what happened but a scammer is faking Valve’s YouTube channel and streams the same trailers for CS2 in a loop. On the bottom screen, it says:

The Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test begins today.

Scan the QR Code to get free access.
[QR Code here]

When I try to open the Valve channel on a new tab, the page says Error 404: Not found.

Is it possible that someone has hacked their channel?

Once again, I guess I can remind everyone that this is a discussion forum. Private discussions / chat is not the goal here. If you need to privately submit moves for a forum game, I can accept that, but everything else should be public threads.

The timing would be pretty unfortunate considering that Linus Tech Tips just got hacked and their channels broadcast stolen Tesla streams where Elon Musk was talking about crypto. Then there was a QR code linking people to a scam crypto site.

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The goal was a place that future players could keep track of progress where posting wasn’t allowed. I figured having that as a pm thread was better than making a thread that would inevitably be posted in by people not reading that I didn’t want posts there

If you want to have a public thread you can just post in some updates and not allow comments, even if that isn’t possible with a Discourse feature, such a thread can be manually moderated to keep offtopic messages out of there.


Hmm, something to keep in mind for the future ig. I already have this set up tho so I might as well use it



I did not expect this to get a heart, because it only covers the speculative biology aspect of Rain World, and not the lore. I prefer the lore, honestly.


thrive revolves around a species being made via evolutionary creationism

also with a mod that merges the tech editor and the organism editor you could evolve into an ascension gate

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why when i add chloroplast it doesn’t increase my production by does increase my required atp to function? also why do spices double up sometimes

Are you in an area with enough light to function/is it day time? If either is no that could be why you aren’t getting energy

yes im in the warm pond. wait theres a day night cycle now?

I know they at least were working on it, but I’m pretty sure it’s implemented

You have to manually enable the Day/Night Cycle when creating the world.


okay now i understand why nothing is working the chloroplast is not giving me atp its giving me glucose. so what organelle should i get in order to turn more glucose into atp?

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Metabolosome/mitochondria iirc

you do realise that the organelle descriptions tell you basically everything you’ll need to know, right?


i recommend reading the description of organells/protiens. really helps.