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Lemme see what chat-gpt kun says

Sure, here are some hypothetical descriptions for each possibility based on the name “moglil”:

Moglil as a fictional creature: Moglil might be a small, furry, nocturnal creature with big eyes and long, sensitive whiskers. They are known for their ability to navigate through dark forests with ease and their uncanny sense of smell, which they use to locate truffles and other delicacies in the forest floor.

Moglil as a brand name: Moglil could be a new line of fashion accessories targeted at young women. The brand might specialize in quirky, colorful jewelry and purses made from recycled materials. Their marketing campaigns might focus on sustainability and eco-friendliness.

Moglil as an acronym: Moglil might stand for "Mobile Online Gaming and Learning Interactive Lab." It could be a new educational platform that combines mobile gaming technology with educational content to create fun and engaging learning experiences for children. The platform might include a variety of games and activities that teach kids about science, math, history, and other subjects.

I need evidence to believe you that you know actually what moglil is. So far it seems like you’re falling for their hyperspatial mental entrapment.

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You wont get any evidence then, for I need not to prove you that I know what a moglil is.

You’re too far gone. I can’t help you now. They will come to collect you soon. Watch out for the southern lights.

There is nothing I have to watch for, after all, at difference of you beasts I know what a moglil is.

Case 53:


March 27, 2022.

The day that will live in infamy for weeks to come.

Everyone knows what happened on that fateful day. The day that Chris Rock was slapped by Will Smith during The Oscars.

It took a while for the event to enter internet circulation; this is primarily because less people watch The Oscars than are present at The Oscars.

But once pandora’s box was opened, it could never be closed.

People across the world watched, eyes wide, mouths agape, drooling onto their keyboards as Will Smiths hand touched Chris Rock’s cheek with the force of a thousand Aladdin live action remakes.

So many people were watching The Oscars that reality as a whole could not withstand it. And the amount of viewers flipped over into negative numbers.

But why did this happen? Why did Will Smith slap Chris Rock? Why did Will Smith slap Chris Rock? And why did Will Smith slap Chris Rock?

In order to answer that, we must rewind time.

YAAA, it’s rewind time.

The year is 2022, prehistory, time before time.

It’s The Oscars.

Will Smith is in the audience.

Chris Rock is on stage.

G.I. Jane.

Will Smith laughs at the funny joke, but only for a few seconds before Will Smith’s wife sends him a telepathic message while making out with one of her son’s friends which triggers ancient combat techniques implanted into Will Smith’s mind by the government of Kazakhstan. Within moments Will Smith is taken over by the mind of Winston Churchill, history’s most famous martial artist.

Sleeper Agent Will Smith has been activated.

Will Smith zeroes in on his target, and rushes forward at two times the speed of light.

Chris Rock smiles and catches Will Smith’s hand effortlessly.

“Nani?!” Will Smith shouts, as Chris Rock reaches up and tears off his mask.

He was US president Joe Biden this entire time.

But that’s not all! For he reaches up once more and tears off another mask!

He was also Stephen Hawking this entire time.

But then he tears off another mask!

And then another! And another!

Sean Austin! Will Smith! Hasbulla!

He tears them off faster than the eye can see until there is a massive pile of thousands of masks filling the entire Oscars building.

Markiplier! Danny Devito! Shmorgangog Shmormanson!

And underneath all of the masks?

None other than Adam Sandler himself.

With a casual flick of his hand Will Smith is disintegrated by flames hotter than the sun, along with everything behind Will Smith for 5 miles.

But then an army of Will Smiths appears around Adam Sandler!

I cannot do the following battle justice with mere words, so instead I shall wildly swipe my hands across my keyboard until I have fully conveyed the scope of the titanic conflict.



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Now you know.

What happened on March 27 2022.

When Will Smith slapped Chris Rock.

Case 54:


Look at Africa.

rrreeeeeaaaallllyyy look at it.

What do you see?



A little bit closer.

What do you see?

That’s right, you see a horse’s head.

But why is this?

I’ll tell you why.

That’s literally my job.

But in order to do that, we must first, go back in time.

But not just back in time, back back in time. The reverse of going backwards in time.

Whatever that is.

The year is 2,304,318,318,138,1938,1838311983,1. And Africa is dominated by the Horse People of Africa.

They have enslaved the Mango Fruits of Mango Fruit Land, and they use their delicious Mango Fruit blood in their wicked magical experiments in an attempt to give horses dexterous hands (it’s hard to manage a civilization with what are effectively clubs at the end of your arms).

Their experiments so far have only resulted in horrible horse abominations, Horsabomihorsinations (an excellent portmanteau). These Horsabomihorsinations had hands, but never in the correct place.

You have not known true horror until you have seen a horse with a dexterous five-fingered hand for a head.

In order to stabilize these experiments The Horse People decided to track down the few remaining Humans that weren’t taken in the 1,237th rapture so that they could use advanced machines to incorporate Human DNA into the Horse People. These machines were made using the sole remaining operating system in existence, Windows Vista.

But, just as the Horse People were getting ready to begin the DNA transfusion, a Horse People got himself stuck in the Human part of the DNA transfusion machine instead of an actual Human.

No one noticed this, and the experiment carried on.

The Horse People in the Human DNA transfusion area was shredded and put into the body of the Horse People at the Horse People part of the DNA transfusion machine, and as a consequence of this suddenly had 200% Horse DNA.

There was a great explosion that was felt everywhere in the time-space continuum simultaneously (the only reason you haven’t noticed it is because you’re used to it) and changed the entire continent of Africa into looking like a horse’s head.

The Horse People race was wiped out, and thus heralded the rise of The Mango Fruit Empire, but that is a story for another day, because I must tell you,

That Africa isn’t shaped like a horse’s head!

That’s right, after all this time it really hasn’t been a horse’s head all this time. In reality it is and always has been a T-rex skull!

Simply look at South America, which we all know was once a part of Africa when the two were happily married and had 3 children before the brutal divorce!

If you look closely enough you will notice that South America looks an awful lot like a jawbone!

And when you look at South America and Africa together close enough you will realize that they are two parts of the same head!

That’s right!

And that’s because soon after the Horse People of Africa made Africa permanently into a horse’s head the Jawbone People of South America had a similar incident which resulted in South America transforming into the shape of a jawbone!

And whenever Africa and South America get over the argument that turned their loving marriage into a mountain of shattered dreams and memories they will once again fuse together in order to turn into T-rex Land!, which will then eat all of the other continents in order to turn the entire planet into a giant dinosaur which will roam the stars doing dinosaur things like dying to meteors!

These are just the facts people! I would start investing into Dino-Coin as soon as possible! The only currency that will survive the Dinosaur-continent apocalypse, even if you don’t!

I of course will be spared by the continent of T-rex Land as we have an understanding that so long as it doesn’t eat me like it will eat everyone and everything else, I will chronicle it’s journeys along the stars fighting space criminals and turn it into a novel series read by planets across the universe

Case 55:

WHAT IS A MOGLIL?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

If you have existed any time in the last 24 days then you will know by instinct that Moglils are a thing.

Do you know what a Moglil is? No, of course not. No one does.

No one except for Fralegend The Wizard Of Evil of course. But today, I will change that!

So what is a moglil?

Well in order to answer that I will have to go back in time, back, to 24 days ago, when Fralegend The Wizard Of Evil had a sick little idea pop into his sick little mind.

“EEEEEH, Detective Zenzonee! The Erth izn’t flat.!., it’s Moglil shaaaaaaped!” – reenactment.

This horrible evil spell put a horribly evil spell across the entire forum for nearly the next month, as everyone everywhere suddenly became obsessed with exactly what a Moglil is.

I am not proud of this, but I too have been afflicted by this horrid curse.

But today I shall break this evil hex, and make Moglils the least interesting thing in the universe, because I’m going to explain what a Moglil is, in a way that not even Fralegend The Wizard Of Evil himself can twist or misconstrue.

You hear me Fralegend The Wizard Of Evil?! I’m coming for you!

A Moglil is a type of alcohol made from distilling watermelon and cat meat.

Now you know…

Take that Fralegend The Wizard Of Evil! I’ve beaten you! That’s right you’re defeated! You’re not allowed on this thread ever again you Wizard Of Evil Fralegend!

none of these make any freaking sense, and moglil is completely meaningless! >:(

Case 56:


It’s an age old question as long as age.

That chicken, that one over there, why did it cross the road?

Why indeed…

For millennia scholars have studied and debated over this subject, wracking their minds until they broke. But eventually we as a species gave up on understanding this truth of truths, this secret of secrets, this question of questions, this conundrum of conundrums, and this etc. of etc.s.

But now, after many seconds of pondering, I have discovered why the chicken crossed the road.

At long last the universe itself shall rejoice for our purpose as humans shall have been finally fulfilled.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Simply to get to the other side.

There is no further reason, no further meaning to it. The chicken simply wished to get from one side of the road to the other.

Now stop thinking about why the chicken crossed the road or else the ministry of chicken truth will be forced to pay you a visit for your clear chicken thought crimes.

That’s kind of the point. Also, it’s very disrespectful to speak of objects of foreign cults in such a way, as the resulting loss might be too much for some and may cause a wide-spread cataclysm! You know how it goes. You saw it.

What is the next absurd thing you are going to say? That magic isn’t real?


why does the entirety of europe look like a boot, just like italy but different

What do you mean?

Europe is all italy.

I live in a world that is based on science and I have not encountered magic so as far as I am aware it doesn’t

Yet you claim that you can give something sight simply by connecting silver salts to their brain using cables…

As a European citizen, I must say that this statement is critically inaccurate. Europe (depending on definition) consists of 44 to 50 countries. We, Europeans, understand where does the common misconception of Europe being just Italy comes from, as the Roman Empire (modern day Italy) used to occupy a large portion of the region. This is no longer the case and thus the sentiment of ‘Europe = Italy’ isn’t accurate with the modern day Europe.

It is accurate tho, Italy still has control over the great majority of european countries regardless of what the “people in power” (that are actually puppets) tell you.

That’s some conspiracy theory Belgium, accusing Germany of doing that would be closer to truth but Italy? This country is literally in the worst debt in the EU, only surpassed by Greece! Either you are a German agent trying to shift the accusations from Germany or it’s the timelines interfering with each other again.

we live in different timelines? :o