Thrive of empires, inspired by age of empires

Rules: Do not attack players with a much lower level of power, if they are weaker, ask me if you can attack
Not much else, because thrive does not have many limits
I am new, so I have no idea how to make a poll so I will have to ask you to reply a vote:
You can vote for noob mode: No nomad attacks and passive Me-controlled so called AI players
You can vote for easy mode: Rare nomad or barbarian attacks
You can vote for normal mode: occasional nomad attacks
You can vote for hard mode: frequent barbarian attacks
You can vote for impossible: constant hordes of nomads and barbarians attacking
IMPORTANT NOTE: say your vote in the comments

i’ll make a poll for you

  • Newb difficulty
  • Easy difficulty
  • Normal difficulty
  • Hard difficulty
  • Impossible difficulty

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Thanks a lot for that

We will wait till tommorow

wait you’re the game master, should you be able to vote?
also what are the rules for the game?

At start, you have nothing as it is the start of awakening stage, you can team up with other species at the moment, and build a campfire or some alien version of it

okay but what is the game about?
like how do you make a civ, a race, how do you interact with the world?
i understand if it’s a bit overwhelming but a forum game needs these basic things

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and if you’re too inexperienced to create the rules on your own you can always copy the rules of another forum game, and i would also be happy to help you out for the first few rounds to show you the ropes, as you seem pretty new to GMing.
granted i’m not the best either but i have quite a bit of experience, and can help you with writing


Your race is automatically either your favorite species on your profile, or human if you have no favorite species.
Your civilization can be named as soon as you build a campfire, and I will say what happens each day, and each player will make a descision

Alright, impossible it is

In a continent called Infinitia, a species of banana like animals that have algae growing in their veins, so they are a hybrid, controlled by zen zone gaming, parrots controlled by death wake, sapient worm hydras controlled by Nigel, arthopodlike creature controlled by doom lightning, I have no idea what god of knowledge’s species is, and when I searched it up, I got nothing. Centarian controls sapient kitties, evolution for weak will just be human, because their favorite species is called species, twilightwings21 controls sapient absol. TeaKing is also a species of sapient kittens, and Null is in control of some dinosaur-like reptiles that like water.
If you were not mentioned, you are a human or you did not cast a vote yet
Starting population is 2 people, one male, one female

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Okay, so what can we do?

(Also, because my species is a Pokémon can I learn moves to utterly decimate everyone else? It would be awesome but idk how balanced that would be lol)

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you can not use moves currently, except for the most basic ones, but you can get technologies to activate hidden parts of absol brain, unlocking more moves

In year 0, since it is impossible mode, from majority vote, the land is barren and full of hostile creatures. A horde of parasitic morphs appears and chases the sapient bannas and the sapient absols

Religion aside, you can’t not say incest here.

starting population is low because it is impossible difficulty

Use quick attack to outrun the morphs, try to set up a campfire and Begin training techniques to master more moves, focusing on night slash.

since this is impossible mode, absolnite is inexistent on this planet, but can be created artificially later on, in this game, when absol reaches absolnite, absol ascends to ascension

A.I. tribe protonia has been created