Unfun facts

simply a thread for random facts that are the opposite of fun starting with these:

unfun fact: your corneas can be detached meaning if someone decides to pinch your cornea while your eye is open and let go of it and/or pull it, it might fall off or just get an air bubble under it. if it does get removed while it’s alive though it might grow back if enough of it was left on your eye though but you shouldn’t just trust your body to grow it back, if your cornea gets removed by someone who isn’t a professional in the field of eyes talk to your doctor as your eyes are more valuable than the cost of a pair of contact lenses and a visit to the doctor, infact, here’s how much a human eye is worth

Data analysis is unfunest according to https://www.cnbc.com/2022/03/22/these-are-the-top-5-most-boring-jobs-according-to-researchers.html

Unfun fact: right now, right this second there are trillions of things inside of things inside of your body that are not you. Living things. Writhing things. Wriggling things.

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unfun fact: if all of those living things that aren’t you inside of you died you would as well

unfun fact: Your a hairless bipedal smart monke

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:asterisk: trigger warning :asterisk:

Unfun fact:

You’ve just earned an existential crisis

i didn’t

unfun fact: starfish eat, breathe, and defecate through the same hole

Unfun fact: sea cucumbers can eject their organs as a means of protection from predators.

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That sounds like doing the predators’ job for them, instead of protecting. There is a lizard that shoots out blood from its eyes, but even then, the ejected body part acts as a weapon. Or maybe what you say is more similar to a lizard dropping its tail and running away.

it is like a lizard dropping its tail and running away but sea cucumbers eject all their organ systems removing all the weight so the can simply wiggle away with just their dermal muscles as those are the only ones left after they do that and survive solely off of diffusion of nutrients from the sea water into their cells until they grow a new digestive tract and lungs. they even eject their nerve cluster which is basically their brain

unfun fact: right this second thousands of people and animals are starving, dying, and getting killed, but nothing you could ever do right now will help save them from their fate

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Unfun fact: No matter what you do right know, the universe will look the same when the heat death happens


then you was created just as many times as the universe

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Unfun fact: if Otters haven’t been ‘getting any’ then they do things to baby seal corpses.
Yes. Really.

unfun fact: if you use tweezers that haven’t been sterilized less than a minute ago to remove an ingrown hair there is a chance it will make a pimple with enough pressure behind it to be used as a long range poison attack

unfun fact: this thread is in #science where actual science talk needs to happen. And there’s starting to be quite many very silly flavoured facts.

speaking of which, that means everyone should be including links for things that you can’t just test easily on your own if you can find a reliable source for it since things in the science category need to be correct

Very Unfun Fact: being too happy for too long can kill you and when it does you will feel your life slipping away from you as you die, this form of poisoning is called serotonin syndrome. luckily the level of serotonin to kill you from it cannot be naturally made in your brain in most circumstances but if you get it you will feel your life slipping out of your grasp

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