Comments on Specific Development Forum Posts

Hey all,

Before I had access to posting on the development forum, I would oftentimes see something and have just a tiny piece of input which I think would be cool for the developers to consider. So that’s what this thread will be.

Attach a link to a specific post you see on the development forum and leave a scientific source, fact, or small idea to consider. Keep in mind that we likely won’t consider massive shifts in existing game design, and would probably appreciate information we haven’t considered yet for whatever reason.


Fun! Let’s break this thread in then. I’ll (try to) keep anything I post in this thread as small and infrequent as possible.

There seems to be some concern over not letting the player advance through the stage too fast, and one option I have not seen mentioned here involves the biological fact that evolving f.e. a pilus for the first time is a much bigger deal than evolving 3 more of them. If placing an organelle/protein for the first time (when any conditions are met) cost as much as the nucleus, it would make the playthrough develop more gradually without needing to make conditions to restrictive. You would also be more picky in what you choose to unlock each time you play.


I think we’d want to stay away from first-time purchase bumps, but we might just implement an MP cost for unlocking certain parts. Which is essentially the same thing but a different flavor and tone I feel. It was brought up in that same discussion later.


What if there’s a mixture of constant ammonia/phosphate (and other compounds if you go all the way) gain and “hot spots” in some areas where the clouds would be used to signal this to the player. It would also make chemoreceptors have a very similar use to what they have now if all compound clouds are removed, as they can still point to compound clouds (hotspots).

Agree, but the clouds could also be replaced with bubbles