Discussion Thread About Infinity

Well, as the title says, this thread is meant to discuss infinity. This thread has been created after the discussion just started in the new underwater civ thread. Due to the fact, that it has nothing to do with the previously mentioned topic, I decided to create this thread.

The discussion before the thread has been created:

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Infinity means unlimited

Let’s do a simple mental exercise. I will create a supreme infinity.
First, imagine an infinity already quite infinitely large, say, with all the fractional numbers from 0 to 1. Now, let’s join it with infinity from 1 to 2, from 2 to 3, etc. to infinity. let’s call this infinity of infinity chad. Let’s go now do infinity chad to the power of infinity chad. and now let’s repeat this infinite chad times. Let’s call this infinity of gigachad infinity. Now, let’s do this power thing with infinity gigachad INFINITE GIGACHAD TIMES, AND REPEAT THIS PROCESS until we have a really big infinity, let’s call it infinite Thrive. That’s the biggest infinity I can imagine.

There are actually studies that show that irrational infinity is larger than rational infinity

You mean uncountable infinity is larger than countable?

There’s a really good Vsauce video on the topic of the different infinities, I highly recommend watching it when you get the chance!


Now we just have to wait til @fralegend015 joins.

So is 0 times 2 is larger than 0 and 0 divided by 2 is smaller than 0?

No, zero is not infinite

infinity isnt a number. I think everyone needs to think about that before saying dumb stuff


Its a value

doesn’t mean you can do math with it. some, sure, but not much

Guys, just read Wikipedia to find out how big different infinities are compared to each other:

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I like to think of infinity as some sort of mathematical amoeba You can add as many numbers as you like, but it will remain roughly the same size.


Read that Wikipedia page about aleph numbers. Mathematicians have actually figured out how to compare how big different kinds of infinities are, with aleph null being the smallest kind of infinity.


I am maybe late, but I remember that it is useful to think about infinities not as numbers, but as abstract concept with its own rules and laws


what is infinity divided by infinity

either 1, or infinity.
depending on the infinity(?)

Or 0. Or -1. Or - infinity. Or i. Or -i. Or i times infinity. Or -i times infinity. Or any other number between these.

how would you give computer ability to use infinity?
With function summoning it or something else?
And how would you use it?
Would it be useful?