SkyGuy returns with RPGs

This game create a species like the others.

If you want to do the Civ game just lmk which and I’ll pump out a round if I have it written, and if not I’ll write it, I have today off thankfully

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Action: Build 4

The legs push you forward towards the entrance of your cave. The world beyond is calm. But now is the time to prepare, and you send the signal to your front tentacles to grab some of the nearby sticks and rocks that float around you. Six tentacles shoot forward and grab various sticks, as your legs anchor you to your spot. You contemplate what to do. A string of bright red vines come down and you know. You grab the red vines and pull. They come to you and you slowly wrap them around the sticks, then plunge the sticks to above the small holes above hole you rested in. And then the whole cave collapses inward. Turns out the vines were providing support to the top, and your legs only barley escaped being trapped under the collapsing rocks. Luckily there is no damage to yourself, unluckily it seems you will have to find a new resting point for tomorrow.

Age: Young (Turn 2-early morning).

Special Trait: Crafting interest

Health: Healthy

Hunger: Satisfied.

Stamina: Almost Eager

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Action: House Hunters 13

The treelight streams past you as you leap from branch to branch, the sounds of the forest ever present. A shrike here, a call there. You see some large creature lumber around, eating the leaves from the lower plants. It cannot reach the fruits and leaves from this high up. As you leap, you come across a tree larger than some of the others around. It isn’t too impressive, you’ve seen larger, but it has a nice mix of fruits available on its branches, and there is a convenient you-sized hole. It takes some work, but between your beak and claws you manage to enlarge the hole enough where you can lay within it without exposing yourself to whatever creatures may pass.

Age: Young Adult (Turn 2- early morning)

Special Trait: Larger than others (8 inches)

Health: Healthy

Hunger: Satisfied

Stamina: Almost Eager

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action: explore some of the area around me and get familiar with the place

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i see i see:

Species name: Gjrvilers
Location and biome: cold salt desert
Species traits: Osteoderms Scute Exoskeleton, Reflectors, Salt resistents, Salt drinkers, Radiowave and pheromones communication, Desert endurance, 8 limbs, Omnivore and Detritivore, Thumb, Small, Matrilineality kingship social system, strong odor receptors, Chelicerae.

Character Traits: Female, young, High class (not leading), She remembers the surroundings better than the others

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What do you mean by reflectors?

Qction: use the vines that were capable of preventing a whole cave from collapsing to build an hut togheter with tree breanches and tree roots.

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Very bright surfice, like a very high albedo (white in other world, like a mirror)

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I thought you meant armor specialized to defending against ballistic attacks

Location and biome: a lake with lots of biodiversity and lots of metal deposits
Species name: draculus polymorphus
common name: changeling
Species traits:
phagocytosis: any species with this trait may eat anything to attempt to get it’s DNA or endosymbionts to do things it can do(this trait requires unicellular)
RNA encoding brain: any species with this trait is able to edit a copy of their genome to experiment and modify themselves
unicellular: this species only has one cell making it extremely vulnerable. but has a single double lipid membrane separating modules from eachother. it also has a cardiovascular system evolved from a vacuole
bacterial brain: this animal has endosymbiotic bacteria that function as neurons do in a regular animal but use bundles of nanowires that are insulated from the rest of the cell except for at the start and the end. these nanowires allow far faster processing than a human but they have to send a pattern for each chemical along with a signal from the center nanowire. due to the electrotrophic nature of these bacteria(they produce electricity as waste but have evolved to read it and pass it along but only with multiple inputs to stop malfunctions) the changelings must eat a minimum of 40 grams of metal as conductive as copper or less for more conductive metals to fuel their brains(it is recommended that this is paired with unicellular as it is far less efficient without it)
nucleus trading: this trait allows members of the species to trade nuclei of any type(micro, normal, macro) and exists to improve overall fitness of the species.(requires unicellular or intercellular gene transfer pili)

Species description: a unicellular species of mostly aquatic mammal mimics that can consume anything to gain it’s abilities but since they start out with no abilities their parents must acquire a durable animal for them to eat so they may hunt for themselves. obviously these amoebas that are as big to a normal eukaryote as the sun is to the earth cannot gain the abilities from cooked foods but to prevent their genes getting shredded by the stomachs of their prey they produce a protein that binds to any enzyme that shreds RNA or DNA as they would not survive without it. they are fairly social creatures and trade genes to prevent a member not being biologically fit for their environment.
Character: willow.
Initial character traits: genderfluid, mitochondrial efficiency boost, ambivert, flawless long term memory, bad day vision.

if any of this needs to be changed i will change it

i feel like this one is far more balanced than the last phagocytosis build i made

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I have armor, why do I need another one?

I have 5 players 3 old 2 new

@Evolution4Weak as the electric wolves of the plains

@TeaKing as the beaked tree lizards of the forest

@fralegend015 as baby Cthulhu of the swamp

@doomlightning as the tiny alligators of the desert

@willow as the unicellular slimes of the lake.

Anything i miss?

I’ll write the round this weekend and post Sunday or Monday


Im dead💀

Action: Play with my pack

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