The Great Belgiuming (April Fools Forum Game)


As you open a certain Forum of an Evolution game like always, you notice that many people are online for whatever reason.
You do not care about that so much, and so you go seeing what has been posted since you visited the Forum last time…

Until you pass out.

When you wake up a moment later, you see that you are in a strange, dark space. But then you see that your body is gone, replaced with a strange white mass, twisting and rotating around. You try to scream, but you notice that no noise comes from you…

As you look around in panic, you see more blobs just like you. Unlike you, they all seem to be frozen, making no movements. You look around you, and see something. You do not look it for long enough to interpret what it is, as just then you have five visions…

In the first vision, you see Earth from space. It looks like what you expect it to be like. However, you notice that a light-warping sphere has appeared next to you, a wormhole. It seems to transport Yellow and Red light, and with a black strip on the left, it looks like a highly warped flag of Belgium. From it come strange blobs, moving a lot like water droplets in zero gravity, also in colors of Belgium.

In the second vision, you see those same Belgium-Blobs descending into a city. Loud Screams from it’s population can be heard.
Then, the visions cuts to a boy stuck in a dead-end alley, with a Belgium-Blob approaching him. The boy tries to run around the blob, but it quickly noticed the movement and managed to “grab” the child by his foot. Loud scream of immense pain can be heard, as the blob drags the child closer to itself, whereas the boy’s leg and then torso seem to be melting into the same mass which makes up the Belgium-Blob. As this mass consumes more and more of the human’s body, it starts laughing in the most eery way you can imagine, at the same time as the boy’s screams for help become quieter and quieter, until their head is too consumed by the growing Belgium-Blob.

In the third vision, you are again in space and see the same wormhole you have seen in the first vision spewing out even more Belgium-Blobs and other entities with such color palette. They all seems to be heading towards one spot on Earth, that being a giant circle with Belgian colors.

In the fourth vision, you see some white blobs, looking like you, standing in a defensive circle formation, as various Belgium entities approach them in mass from all directions. You can feel how tense this situation is.

In the fifth vision, you see a pair of eyes in complete darkness. Those eyes have a black and a red half, with the pupil and iris being yellow. The Iris-Pupil moves around the eyeball, looking at something… You realize that you are again in the same space with the other white blobs. Other blobs seem to be terrified, and so are you. As the eyes seem to have seen every white blob now, a loud voice can be heard:

Welcome, choosen humans…

You have been selected to defend your kind.

Have you ever wondered why you have not ever heard any outsiders?

I have been destroying all civilizations since the dawn of time.

Time has came to end your own one now.

However, you will be given a chance to fight back.

You were not choosen randomly; Your Forum allowed you to learn more about designing fighters from scratch.

You will fight ten battles in this space, if you survive those ten challenges, you will be sent back to Earth to fight the real battle against me.

Yes, the final battle of The Great Belgiuming…
Fought between some petty humans
The Great Belgiumer…

As this entity ends it’s speech, the eyes fade out into the darkness. You have so many questions, yet no answers.

After a while you notice that other white blobs, seemingly other people from this forum, are changing in shape in a variety of ways. You start to think about your future “fighter” and it’s features seem to be morphing out of your blob body. You realize that you must create a new body in which you will fight against those Belgium entities, and so you get down to it…

Character/Fighter Creation and Gameplay
Character/Fighter Creation

A fighter has a name.

A fighter has advantages and optional disadvantages. They make large changes to your stats and abilities. There is always 1 less disadvantage than advantage, you can have 1 a OR 2a + 1d OR 3a + 2d. A/D don’t have a power multiplier. You are free to put in any A/D, however do note that gamebreaking A/D (such as time travel) will be weakened.

Example Name + A/D

Name: Varania
A1: Stealth
A2: Poison Magic
D1: Slow

A fighter has a description. It gives lesser changes to stats/abilities. You are free to writing anything you want to control here, but there is one requirement: the fighter must be able to easily communicate with other fighters of other players.

Example description

Description: Varania is a monitor lizard-like fighter, with modifications such as voice-making organ or hands able to pick up stuff. Varania can use it’s poison magic to poison enemies, making them slowly decay away. It’s a stealthy fighter, but it can’t move fast.

A/D and description modify character’s stats, which are:
-Strenght (has multiple types)

All fighters have the intelligence of an average human.

A/D and description also modify what kind of abilities you can cast. You can do various things as a fighter, so it’s more about what you cannot do rather than about what you can do (for example, a fighter with fire magic can run, climb rocks, cast fire magic or even fly, but it cannot use ice magic or any magic type other than fire magic unless the other types are included in advantages.


After you finished making your characters, you will be able to submit them until 2024-04-07T12:00:00Z. When the date passes, “Round 0” will be written where the stats of your characters will be given.

Each player has 2 actions to spend during battle sub-rounds

To the actual gameplay, it’s rather simple:
-Use speed to damage enemies faster
-Use stealth to damage them before they prepare for an attack
-Most importantly, use Strenght to damage them at all and in various ways!
-Prevent each other from dying, you can heal each other when you aren’t being attacked, it costs nothing
-Do note that the enemies also use the same principles
-You win if all enemies are killed, lose if all fighers die
-Killing enemies gives XP, it can be used to increase stats or even add new advantages, it can be transferred between players. XP can only be used between battles.

If you die during a battle, don’t worry, if other still manage to win you will be revived for the next battle.

Looks like that the first forum game from the revealed abbreviations has started…

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is there a cap on how many advantages we can start with or will i be able to make a build with all the non-contradictory advantages and exactly 1 less disadvantage? even if there isn’t a limit i’m probably gonna do like max 7 advantages though, since i’ll probably only be able to think of 6 disadvantages.

edit: nvm im just apparently unable to compute words properly right now

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As said:

Those are the starting A/D options.

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i guess i just accidentally skipped over that once i saw the +s

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So is anyone interested in joining? I need atleast 3 players to start the game

Will you join this forum game?
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name: Loki


  • pocket dimension changeling: the user can pull stem cells that instantly specialize on placement out of the magic handwave science dimension onto the surface of any of their cells as long as they have mana to use and cells left in said dimension. they can also put any cells they want in the dimension and if they aren’t neurons they immediately de-specialize. neurons put in this dimension keep their connections to the cells they had synapses with, however, the user cannot make cell types they do not have the information to create, meaning that, without a gene-stealing perk, perks that allow the user to create new cell types, or perks that give the user new cell types, the amount of cell types the user has at their disposal is limited to just the cell types the human body can produce. this dimension also keeps all cells in it alive and at peak functionality
  • overstimulation immunity: the user’s brain adapts to the amount and types of stimuli it gets and actions it needs to perform at a time within minutes, resulting in the user being functionally immune to overstimulation
  • decentralized body: the user cannot die from destruction of one vital organ, as they have multiple copies of every vital organ, and thus every copy of at least one vital organ must be destroyed for the user to die. the user can also start growing more of any organ on command, but it takes time to grow them, even if cells can just be tilapia-dteleported in in the shape of the organ, as generally tissue will need to be moved and spawning all the cells at once will simply make the whole thing either fall apart or otherwise not function.


  • legless: the user does not, and can not, have legs. if the user attempts to make legs, with a leg defined as a limb that has the intended main purpose of locomotion by pushing against the ground or a wall, the limb will disintegrate or be turned back into its raw materials.
  • insomnia: the user is physically unable to sleep. they don’t have a biological need to sleep either, but they still feel the effects of not sleeping.can you tell what i’m gonna do with this?

gender: fluid
pronouns: mostly they/them, but depending on how they’re feeling, they might prefer more masculine pronouns or more feminine pronouns, or they might prefer joke-related pronouns when they’re feeling more chaotic.

stats under normal situations[1]

single entity
stronger but less agile than Numerous Bees

Numerous Bees
weaker but faster than single entity form


descriptions of Loki's advantage-related abilities

Loki has no legs and any legs they try to make will simply vanish as soon as they appear, and as a result they had to know how to make limbs for flying, climbing, swimming, limbs to use the ground to rest, and all-purpose limbs built to do everything but just happening to originate in a spot that makes them useful for locomotion on ground to work around their chronic and incurable leglessness. unsurprisingly, the form they often find themself the most comfortable in is that of not one, but several, and up to thousands of, large bees. of course, as they can shapeshift and keep their most important part in a magical big words pseudoscience dimension, they have removed parts of their central brain they don’t need or want, like their internal thermostat(the bees have their own and having one dedicated to all the bees is simply a bad move), most of the medulla oblongata, as insects are small enough to not need much of a circulatory system, but these bees do breathe, and they all breathe in sync, and their breathing pumps their blood. when they are in bees form they have to modify their auditory and visual processing centers to hear and see things properly, but due to the great amount of bees they do away with their chemoreception processing centers and replace them with something to let all the bees know what bee is smelling what thing and let all the bees smell what all the other bees smell. in bees form they typically feel the need to be doing between 300 and 10,000 things at once, and can do so with their multiple bodies that can communicate near instantly through the magical sci-fi handwave dimension, said bodies also put themselves entirely in the dimension when they are nearing death by anything that won’t continue killing them once they are in the magical electromagnetism dimension(things that will include poison, viruses, parasites that enter your cells, cancer, and prions.).
as Loki is not able to make chitin, their bees for their bees form instead use a keratin exoskeleton with a bone inner lining for muscle cells to bind to, and when the exoskeleton needs to be shed, bones are summoned in their place. Loki also cannot produce venom, so instead for their stinger they use highly concentrated ammonia with all the toxic metals from the bee it’s produced in mixed in.

in ‘human’ form Loki cannot aqcuire brain damage as they keep their brain in the magical sci-fi big words pseudoscience dimension at all times, but they can still ‘die’ if their body is destroyed, but they are still alive when that happens, they just have no anchor to the universe and thus cannot remove any cells from the magic cells dimension, and have to wait until the next battle for their body to respawn. they can also ‘die’ in a similar way in any of their forms, whether or not they have multiple bodies, but if they have multiple bodies all of them must be fully destroyed to destroy their connection to the real world. in forms they have one skull it generally makes a hollow ‘thunk’ noise when knocked on as it is actually generally hollow in those forms, unless they fill it with smaller copies of their internal organs so they can turn into a head octopus if decapitated instead of loosing an anchor to the real world.

Loki is a human bard multi-dimensional changeling who tells their foes that their magic is very much not magic and is in fact [insert big sciencey word here] for the sake of chaos and just chaos, and that they sold their ability to have legs to an alien that calls its species the belgiums for the knowledge to do all the things they do, and that they were a human but the knowledge they had fed into their brain cannot be comprehended by a human brain so they couldn’t stay human and keep the knowledge, so they kept the knowledge and cast away their humanity. they were actually never a human, their magic is very much magic, the only knowledge the belgium blobs gave them is how to use the magic, and the knowledge is fully comprehendable by the human mind, it’s just useless to the human brain without access to the specific kinds of magic they have. Loki also likes playing instruments and threatening to cast vicious mockery on people who are being rude with no reason.

Loki likes cats, axolotls, octopi, clownfish, and sponges the most due to cats just being cute chaos contraptions, axolotls both being cute and having really good regenerative abilities, octopi being masters of disguise and extremely intelligent, clownfish literally being able to change their sex at will, and sponges being the best shapeshifters on earth, second only to Loki themselves. Foods Loki likes include pretty much anything a honey bee or a cat likes, chocolate, bitter almonds(they can just regrow the parts of the body that die), and the cerebrospinal fluid of kids who intentionally abuse animals they find in alleyways(not like they’re gonna grow up to be good people anyways, but they’ll still probably survive, they’ll definitely have the worst headache of their life though).

yes, my character is just a joke character based on how NBs, including me, tell people who can’t seem to get our pronouns right to refer to us as if we were a swarm of bees, but with shapeshifting, an optimized body and brain for it, leg(o)lessness, and chronic, incurable, and possibly weaponizable insomnia mixed in

  1. depending on the situation, emotions, and a few other factors the physical ones can change due to shapeshifting powers working like that ↩︎

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1-concept: can only be killed or wounded by attacking the idea/memory of its existance

2-pupeteer, other beings with a defined nervous system can be influenced to act on Somnium’ behalf, thinking its will is their own


disembodied: lacking a physical form of its own, interaction with the physical world is only possible through its “puppets”


Somnium is humanity distilled into its most elemental form: the desire to survive and improve, the recent attack of the Belgium blobs has reinforced this concept to the point people have begun attributting a name and will to it


Name: Enkefaros


Time dilatation - Has more actions.

Telekinesis - Can attack at a distance.


Vulnerable - takes more damage

Description: Big brain.

Literally, this is a giant brain with tentacles that uses psyonics.

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does the telekinesis require line of sight or just knowledge of the what and where to grab an object?

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It doesn’t require line of sight

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Its that a Remmoral/Immortal/P.H - like refernce?


Warning! its consdier as part spoiler to Remmortal, so be ware!

Name: Waterzooi

Equilibrium zone: [Passive] Up to a certain range, anything that is defined as some kind of ability or energy at a higher frequency than ultraviolet, is neutralized, including mine. It is possible to change the range, but usually no more than 6 m. (Electricity is affected by this, kinetic energy [e.g. a projectile] is weakened upon entering the area but not eliminated).

Genetic manipulation: [Active] Allows a certain control over the genes of other creatures and their modification.

Dimensional Weaver: [Passive] Able to “borrow” other’s traits from anywhere possible, if not the most effective.


E=MC2: [Passive] Any use of an ability means use of energy, and existence in which some external energy source is required.
[Equilibrium Zone allows you to ‘draw’ energy from the environment, only if it is real energy such as electricity, laser, lightning, etc.]

Vulnerable: [Active] A simple hit can cause great damage.

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neat, you can just yoink someone’s brain against the inside of their skull and boom dead or concussed.

Replying to multiple people:

Those stats are invalid, they don’t even contain all stats I mentioned in the first post. Stats will be given by me at round 0, basing on advantages/disasvantages and the description.
Also, you need to sacrifice an advantage in order to be able to have extra forms (1 advantage = 1 extra form)

The government is not aware of your fighter’s existance, it was only created after your human forum character got sucked into this “belgium-dimension”. As so:

This isn’t possible because, as said, the fighter was only created here in the place where the battles will take place.

Whilist I don’t exactly want to spoil how the battles will develop, I’ll just say that during battle one it won’t be possible to kill the Belgium blobs using this method.

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give me a while to make another character then

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use descriptions of the stats then?

an entire advantage i have is basically multiple forms + fast healing? but if i’m not able to have multiple base forms with shapeshifting i could put the organs one into the shapeshifting one since it’s mostly just the ability to grow more organs i guess

I will give you stats at round 0, you don’t write them.

You mean advantage 1?

Edit: So willow, will you change one of your advantages to extra form advantage?

Also, I’ll wait until Round 0 for Ferrus to submit the new character.

Edit2: @Ferrus_coloni How is the progress on your new character?

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I’m sorry? I already made a new one

I thought that you would post it in a new post, but it looks nice. I will start working on round 0 soon.

Edit: It should come out within 24 hours!


@willow you meant here that the bees are weaker but faster, right?

Edit3: I Guess that it just was supposed to mean “faster”


As the white blobs take shape in their new forms, they find themselves in a new space, which emerged from the former one. It seems to be a strange, square-shaped pit, filled with boulders embedded deep into the soil, with absolutely no vegetation. The pit has steep walls, above which there are multiple abandoned buildings of sorts. The Fighers are standing in a more boulder-free space, whilist on the opposite side of the pit there are large pipes sticking out of the pit’s wall. The entire area has a gloomy character, albeit it’s light enought to easily see objects and shapes.

The fighers notice that they are locked by invisible walls from all sides, preventing them from exploring the maze of boulders. Suddenly, an eye belonging to The Great Belgiumer emerges from the air above The Fighers, and the voice of this entity can be heard again:

I see that you all are ready to fight to death. However, I will allow you doomed sapients to ask me questions before the 10 battles start…

The Four Fighers start to think about what they would like to ask this being…



1: Extra Form





(FORM 1 - Human):
STRENGHT: 20 Normal Damage
HEALTH: 30/30

(FORM 2 - Bees):
STRENGHT: 10 Normal Damage
HEALTH: 30/30




Overstimulation Immunity: More effective attacks the more enemies are fighting you

Insomnia: Less chance of hitting enemies







STRENGHT: 10 Normal Strenght, 10 Control Strenght
HEALTH: 20/20 + Partial Protection (Abilities)



Memory Attack: Can only be damaged by enemies who attack the idea of it’s existance (50% chance to miss attacks)

Disembodied: Doesn’t have a body for self, relies on puppets to interact with the world. The Puppets inherit their own statistics. Your own statistics are separate from them.


Pupeteer: If Control Strenght is higher than any strenght an enemy has, they can be pupeteed. MAX amount of puppets = 5.

(Before you Puppet anything, you can infect an enemy like an invisible parasite ghost, in that state you can’t damage the enemies)







STRENGHT: 10 Normal Strenght + 10 Distance Strenght
HEALTH: 15/15


Time Dilation: When Active, can do 3 actions in one sub-round.









STRENGHT: 10 Normal Strenght
HEALTH: 15/15 + Partial Protection (Abilities)


Equilibrium Zone: Energetic and Kinetic attacks are weakened if they are within this zone, regenerates energy if such attack is commited

Dimension Weaver: When Hit an enemy, temporarily adds the best advantage to The Fighter (Lasts until the fight with this/those entity/entities ends)

E=MC2: Special Energy Statistic which measures how many Active Abilities can you cast.

Genetic Manipulation: Can Modify an enemy’s genome, changing it’s statistics, abilities and even alignment. You need to first inspect an enemy in order to use this ability.

Other Stuff

10 XP can add 5 points to a statistic,
100 XP can add an advantage/ability OR upgrade an already existing advantage/ability.

Fight will include cube dice rolls:
1- You miss
2- Strikes a worse area
3- Strikes a worse area
4- Strikes as expected
5- Strikes as expected
6- Strikes critical area

Damage is affected by the rolls of the dice, and is closely tied to strenght.
Various strenght types to various things (control S. allows for control of enemies, distance S. allows to hit enemies from further away.)

Damage drains Health.

If you have more stealth than an enemy, you will be able to attack them from surprise, giving you a lot larger chance of critical hit.

Speed determines how fast can you cast actions - at 20 speed it’s 2 actions/sub-round, and it scales as +10 speed = +1 action/subround, easy to understand.


i did mean faster.

i see my full power has been limited, but is it permanently, or locked behind one(or multiple) of those things we can do where we add advantages with XP?

so, am i able to drink coffee, but just unable to go into my bees form until the caffeine has completely worn off, completely unable to drink caffiene, or able to drink caffeine as long as i do it and digest it completely in human form but able to keep it in my system while being bees? i ask this due to bees typically suffering from cardiac explosions if they get the same concentrations of caffeine in their systems that humans use to feel awake when they feel tired and need to not without sleeping.

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you mean advantage 1? Once you get 100 XP you’ll be able to make advantage 4 with it.

I’m afraid that neither TGBer nor the Belgium-Blobs have carried this substance into the battlefield.

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